Schumer Shutdown: Democrats Vote for Illegal Immigrants Over Americans


Oh lord yes, well there you have it, that’s certainly scientific.

Perhaps it bears repeating that trump long ago went on record proclaiming that history judges government shutdowns as the presidents fault, and tweeted that a good government shutdown is just what America needs. And let’s not forget that McConnell couldn’t even get all the republicans on board. Instead of negotiating for the necessary 60 votes, he just allowed the clock to tic away and brought it to the floor knowing he didn’t have the votes.


Lindsey Graham: “God help the Republican Party if we can’t do something reasonable to help the 800,000 DACA recipients”

The most reasonable thing we can do for them is send them back to Mexico. It’s well past due for this limp wrist pansy to get voted out of office.


Yes, we shut down the government to do something reasonable for the 800K daca kiddies. Sorry American citizen children dependent on CHIPS, the democrat party has thrown you under the bus. Sorry serviceman/women, your also under the bus.
That’s right America, you cannot vision national parks, monuments and SS payments are likely to be late. Sorry everyone that has ACA insurance, it’s a government program and likely to b affected.

Yes democrats this is a great plan to flex your muscles and make demands with the country being held hostage.


There is nothing reasonable about helping 800,000 DACA recipients.


I’m opposed to our legal immigration plan… it is broke and ineffectual in so many ways. Those who do desire to come to the US ‘the right way’ face months of bureaucracy, paperwork and expense plus the knowledge that they MUST REMAIN OUTSIDE the country until the process is complete. Once complete you have only a brief window in which to upstakes and enter the US. My permanent residency to the UK took me 8 weeks … my wifes residency to the US took 2 years.

As far as the rest of the ‘selection’ process their seems to be two trains of thought… one is a roll of the dice diversity which is intended to ‘brown’ America arbitrarily and the other is to pick and choose people who are actually a credible asset to the country as it exists.

People want to say that we took lots of unskilled and uneducated labor in the past as justification for some ‘come as you will’ immigration policy… We really don’t need a lot of ditch diggers any more and I would suggest that a few American couch potatoes could get their backs back in shape again for a paycheck…

We have spent decades dumbing down our own people in favor of cheap labor… its time to reverse that trend with an immigration policy that works for a strong American society…


From my perspective… I am not as cold hearted as that. I understand that these children didn’t have a choice but here is the bit that bugs me about Graham and his democrat cohorts. The actual DACA number is some 650K. Of course when Obama opened the borders, he invited even more. That number is now 800K. Of course the next step is to say that ‘we can’t split the families up’ … 1.5 million… and then of course extended families and then the other poor illegals who have skirted our laws for decades…

I think it is perfectly reasonable to give a rather extended pathway to those who came here through no fault of their own… They then have a decision to make… As they are all adults, they are perfectly capable of deciding to 1) move back to mexico (or where ever they came from) with their illegal parents or 2) stay in the US and go visit their parents from time to time.

But to me, the pretext to all of that is a security system that prevents the pull that has repeated our 1986 plight. I must include strict punishment for business that hires illegals and that benefits are handled in such a way that they are not a draw to immigrants… and of course for presidents like our last one who chose to ignore the immigration laws all together … a great big ugly, nasty, unwelcoming wall… Obama earned that one.

8 minute audio…


And no link to prove it.

looks like as always your the master of misinformation.


You notice today that Facebook and Twitter are both putting out that #schumershutdown is being trended by … wait for it… Yeah… you know… ‘Russian Bots’.


Well a couple dozen centrists from both sides feel differently. Lindsey Graham emerged from a meeting with them late yesterday afternoon and told reporters that they were going to go share their idea with their caucuses. Then McConnell came to the floor and made a somewhat surprise announcement around 8:00 or so that there would be a temporary spending extension to February 8th with a vote at 10:00 pm, Schumer objected preferring the vote to be today at noon.


I’m hearing more and more republican senators declaring that sense the president won’t articulate his CLEAR wishes, and has changed his mind repeatedly, like John Kennedy just said this morning, we need to move forward without him!!! Agreed, sideline the TIC, deal with DACA on its own and then do an immigration bill next month.


I’m sure democrats and open border types such as yourself would like to put the amnesty horse before the security cart yet again… Nope…


Well sure, it’s not as though that’s profound, republicans control both houses of Congress and the White House. But, the Dems do have support amongst some republicans so we’ll see just how weakened they are, most likely later today.


Been there did that under Reagan.

The dems lied then and lie now.

I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today.


We already know some RINOS and establishment republicans voted against the voters agenda on the ACA ! if they don’t stand with the voters and President the the voters will replace them with citizens that will stand with the President ! Vote the wrong way and start looking for a real job .


They voted to shut down the government over illegals but not so long ago the same disingenuous reprehensible low lives said …
Similarly, in a 2009 speech, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) railed against illegal immigration, demanding that those who enter the country “without our permission” should not "be treated the same as people who entered the U.S. legally."
d that President Barack Obama also previously warned against a porous southern border, saying while serving as Illinois senator in 2006 that “we live in the age of terrorists.”
“We cannot allow people to pour into the U.S. undetected, undocumented, and unchecked,” Obama said at the time, adding that businesses who employ illegal immigrants "disrespect the rule of law."
The 3.6 million estimate ILLEGALS brought to U.S. before their 18th birthday comes from the Migration Policy Institute, a non-partisan, non-profit think tank that studies global immigration patterns fall under DACA


That’s always possible, but not likely IMO.


The WhiteHouse phone message to anyone who calls… :joy::joy::joy:

“Thank you for calling the White House. Unfortunately, we cannot answer your call today because congressional Democrats are holding government funding, including funding for our troops and other national security priorities, hostage to an unrelated immigration debate. Due to this obstruction, the government is shut down,” the recording says.


[quote=“Montecresto1, post:161, topic:6537, full:true”]

Oh lord yes, well there you have it, that’s certainly scientific.[/quote]

You might want to bear in mind that cherry-picking is a logical fallacy. And you have certainly cherry picked my words here.

For the record, here is the remainder of what I said:

"Also, the argument–which is quite persuasive, I believe–that the Democrats care more about illegal aliens than they care about American citizens, strikes a chord with many Americans.

“Finally, the center-left media have been more receptive to the GOP this time than during any previous shutdown. The New York Times is a prime example.”

An especially charitable interpretation would be that you merely overlooked these words–quite innocently.

Is that what actually happened?


Wait, you’re quoting fake news to support you’re position. Now that’s rich.


Just because the right framed it so, does not make it so. :wink: