Science, and Technology

How far is too far? A voice activated system that nearly does anything, and can nearly tell you everything? Or Cloning? When does technology cross a line into morality?

“Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, is infiltrating your home.”

Cloning of Sheep and monkeys. Researchers say that human cloning may be possibly but urge caution!

Personally, I don’t believe in cloning. I think that reproduction should only happen two ways, one is God, and the other is naturally.

There will never be “too far”.

It won’t be pretty. Man is known for doing selfish things with his discoveries. Maybe all we can do is try to balance them with good altruistic things.

Speaking of cloning monkeys. It has come full circle now.

On certain things, this I would agree. But not everything.

Name something …

There is the baseline to survive on this planet. We have risen above that and most people will die if tech were to fail. Where will you find good water, what can you eat in the woods. Today I watch a person have their phone die and they howl Oh God!

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There are all different kinds of discoveries within this world. Some
little, and some small. I guess it simply depends “to each is their own.”
Is something big in life, only if a person is well known and worldwide known for
a discovery? Does a discovery have to be monumental, and astronomical to the point
of shocking the whole world? Or are people and steps leading up to those
even more important than the actual discoveries themselves? Without those steps, and
people around the “important people that make discoveries”, the discoveries themselves
probably wouldn’t have happened.

You name something?

Sometimes people don’t get credit for things, when and where credit is due.
Sometimes people don’t want credit, and sometimes people are simply
happy knowing that what they did help a greater cause.

Money isn’t the root of all evil. Not if one has a good heart, and a good mind, and doesn’t allow power, or their money go to their head and corrupt them. They must have a certain level of humbleness about them. That is why great conquerors throughout history have failed. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin. Strategically they, and people they surrounded themselves were intellectual geniuses. But they let their ignorance blind them.