Screwing With DNA at the National Institutes of Health


This seems to be very dangerous to my non-expert mind. But if NIH is doing it, it can’t be that evil, right?

But with the proof-of-concept a success, it opens up a lot of possibilities for designer biologics. This could be the beginning of the fulfillment of biological engineering’s promise.


Hey… Its Ok… Monsanto has proven 100% reliable in mixing plant and animal dna … I mean it is the same as grafting you know. I hear China is on the road to a full head transplant… if you don’t like your body, just buy some poor person from a Muslim market. Think the UK is doing early work in injecting ‘other’ animal DNA in human embreos… No ethical or religious questions here. Mermaids have always been the fantasy of sailors and no doubt some little girls, maybe as we travel down this social justice path we can allow our children to pick their identity out of a book of zoo animals…


How far the ‘GOP’ has strayed from its roots…

Of course I might be to judgmental… Their still may be enough votes to put this bill in the circular file where it belongs…


This is minor news. Where were you when CRISPR was a thing? The experimentation in OP’s articles only concerens with E. coli bacteria for synthetic protein productions i.e. proteins that dont occur in nature.


Best practice with experimental recombinants is to insert “suicide” mechanisms in case of escapes. As pointed out, the NIH is doing this by requiring nutrients/chemical combinations for the bacteria’s survival that are not available outside the lab. As always, there is the possibility of rogue labs that don’t follow best practices, but specialty ingredient orders are closely monitored…and questioned where appropriate. Hope that eases any concerns.


Muh… not so much… I don’t think I can name a scientific or technological innovation that someone hasn’t sold to the highest bidder or figured out how to put a gun or a rocket engine on it… once its out of the imagination and has been shown viable… someone will weaponize it…

Interesting subject that is being pressed through the Gates Foundation (29:00 minutes)