Scuttled Ford Plant Has Mexico Fearing More Under Trump



Good. This should have happened a long time ago. NAFTA has done nothing for the United States and hopefully this is only the beginning. I want to see every single US based manufacturing company withdraw from Mexico and other third-world dumps around the world within the first year of Trump’s presidency. We can then send all of the illegals back home to make their own countries a desirable place to live and make sure they don’t remain in our workforce. Then we crush the labor unions. We do all of this while cutting taxes and regulations. It’s a simple recipe to Make America Great Again.


Mexico is getting what they deserve. They have done nothing to stop the flooding of their people into this country. Now all of the jobs that the US has created in their country are going to vanish - and they will quickly receive their most violent offenders. Enjoy the show.


We’re taking jobs from Mexico… lol


Once the factories start closing Mexico will go into a free fall collapse.

Just today has prices spiked 20% and it made the population go full LA riot mode.


So all of you want a country that we share a border with to become completely unstable? Are you nuts? I think it would be much better and safer for everyone to have prosperous countries at our borders! We should be helping Mexico not wishing for them to experience some sort of disaster.


Show me a time in the last twenty years when Mexico has been stable and prosperous. Chaos south of the border is nothing new…although it used to be that the police used to protect tourists because that was the lifeblood of their economy. The drug cartels screwed that up.


The next four years are going to be quite enjoyable.


Mexico is panicking. Good. They see how chaotic things have been for them with a spike in gas prices. It is probably really difficult for them to imagine what life would be like if we cleaned oit their manufacturing jobs too. They need to remember that just because Obama was a wimp does not mean that Americans are wimps. We as a country aren’t going to tolerate their BS or their demands any longer. We owe nothing to Mexico.