Seattle City Council votes 9-0 for scaled-down head tax on large employers


This is great! Now all of these liberal companies can really become a part the political ideology they have so closely embraced while wagging their fingers are the rest of us.


I think not, now Seattle wants to hammer their pocket books they sing a different song.


These communists are about to learn a life lesson. The shareholders control the company. This is exactly the type of strongarm crap that brought down the Motor City.

Seattle is the next Detroit.


And when I say shes a socialist, I wasnt being derogatory


Boeing and the union should continue to renegotiate the contract to reach a compromise. I don’t know what benefits Boeing would receive outside of lower wages,taxes if any and environmental regulations by possibly relocating outside the U.S.
What she’s proposing is communist ideology and wouldn’t bring both sides closer to renegotiating the contract. Next the Seattle city flag will have the Red background with the Gold Hammer and Sickle displayed. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Why is she charging money for her book on socialism? Why didn’t she just publish it online for free?


I’m not supporting the lunatic ranting of a socialist…but I think that companies like Amazon should be paying federal taxes - at a minimum. I can avoid taxes just like anyone else, but I can’t evade them. Amazon shouldn’t be able to either.


And Amazon doesn’t evade taxes just like you.

Business like You have write offs. Losses/expenses/investments equal write offs.

FYI, no business pays taxes, it’s a cost of business and passed to the consumers in the form of higher prices.


The "tax incentives " known also as bribes or extortion payoffs constantly put governments against each other in the "guise " of providing good paying jobs. Local government are like trained seals .These businesses don’t need the " tax incentives " but hold it over the heads of local governments .
These "incentives "should go to smaller businesses, local in nature to expand and create more jobs. Instead, local governments are like hogs at the corporate feeding troughs and it’s worse when it involves professional sports franchises. :zombie:


Well when all of these high paying companies leave and take all of their employees who spend money on the local economy with them…everyone will know who to blame.


For many to move with the company will not be possible for a variety of reasons, many family related. No problem, though, as Socialist Seattle will provide them free homes, food, clothing and fuel. But for a free phone? Nope, Obama is no longer president of and giver of smart phones. Oh, NO! They’ll have to march for those goodies.


So? The companies can hire people from the city to which they move. The company executives will likely move with the company.

Besides, Tacoma is just a few miles away.


They really don’t have to move far, Bellevue is across the lake and would readily accept either company with open arms.

Perhaps a better solution would be for Amazon to vacate the state and help lower the cost of real estate.


Lefties manage to run businesses out of town and the JOBS that follow ! :rage:


Should be interesting to see if the liberal management bends to the new taxes of if they deal with it with the shareholders in mind.


I’m sure the shareholders will show their displeasure , is there a sell off in store ??? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


A reminder that municipal elections matter, gentlemen.


And so does how you treat the companies who create the jobs that make your community successful.


Voters rarely keep their eye on the ball ! There has been so much wagging the dog lately , the spin doctors are even confused ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


George Soros knows this all to well… He has all but abandoned national tickets and except for donations to other organizations, he is focusing on down level judges… the doesn’t really care about council members or mayors… he wants to rebuild the judiciary from the ground up… and no one is really paying any attention. It is fine that Trump is appointing Conservative judges but what happens in a few years when their are no more experiences Conservatives in the lower courts to choose from…

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
― Sun Tzu