Section 8 fraud


The TAXPAYERS subsidizes the rent of 99 units at Beverly Place Apartments in Groves, Texas, and paid the complex $1.8 million between January 2013 and December 2015…Just two short years and taxpayers are out 2 million and counting .
It was reported at least 97 tenants who did not exist or whose income eligibility was either falsified or unsupported .


Section 8 housing has always been a mismanaged social experiment. Of late the use of vouchers in an attempt to move people out of concentrated areas of poverty had succeeding in harming neighborhoods through a rise in crime and property damage. Because property owners recognize these problems and refuse to accept the vouchers, groups immediately call that discrimination. In… I believe it is Oakland they have passed an anti-discrimination law forcing property owners, against their own best judgment to rent to people with the government voucher. As your article points out, many of these people receive the voucher are either people with criminal backgrounds that bring crime into a neighborhood or they are people who do not know how to take care of a rental property and cause a lot of damage. Getting any kind of recompense from the government is all but impossible…


Once again democrats prove to those that work and struggle from pay check to pay check there are many free things out there for the taking . And will take landlords to court if they refuse to rent to those of no visible means , hell they have the deep pockets of the working taxpayer .


I’ve seen plenty of older apartment complexes in nice neighborhoods switching to welfare housing instead of performing upgrades that renters want/expect. When they do that…there goes the neighborhood. So the owners of the apartment complexes get to make a buck and drive everyone else’s property values down.


It seems like every single day there is a new story about millions of dollars of waste and fraud getting sucked out of the government by criminals who always remain nameless and who always manage to get away with it. In this story, they know the name of the apartment building, the location of the apartment building, and who owns it. Why are they still collecting a check?


How much do you want to bet that the owner of these apartments is a major DNC donor.


California makes having a percentage of ‘affordable housing’ units - Section 8 - the law for every city in the state. It is incredibly damaging, but Democrat legislators love it because it helps them pander to the parasites, and at the same time degrades all those towns with those horrible Anglos…


It also helps to blue neighborhoods that otherwise might be red.


No, it’s to help families in need and sometimes greedy slumlords (like our President and his brain dead family) take advantage of the system to personally enrich themselves.


Really then why are those landlords FORCED to rent to these fine families under threat of lawsuits ? Why do brain dead dems scream discrimination if a landlord doesn’t want to rent to them ? When these fine families ruin the walls , floors , plumbing , windows , invest it with roaches , rats and the like will the government pay for the damage ? When the 3 baby daddies move in how long will it take to evict ? How much will it cost ? Do you even know what the F you are talking about or are you just dribbling more liberal BS ??


Why else would they all be millionaires


I do think we should have a system in place to help people going through hard times. We have plenty of that here in WV thanks to Obama killing coal. But we should make it hard for people and companies to take advantage of that system. Right now it’s just to easy for anyone to take whatever they want without any repercussions. Anyone caught doing this level of fraud should be made an example of.


And perhaps these non existent tenants voted for Hillary too . :laughing: