Send troops to Chicago


And yank that dumbass mayor out of office…


If you improve the lives of blacks it destroys Democrats main objective. Control


The question is, though, at what point do you stop bailing people out from under the burdens of their woeful decisions, i.e. electing the people who have run Chicago into this mess? I know when California bankrupts itself I don’t want to be on the hook paying for their idiocy!


Even if the liberal mayor resigns people will be dumb enough to elect another liberal mayor. Chicago is a Democrat city that has been run into the ground and people still kept voting Democrat regardless.


In large cities, political patronage is the norm along with either increasing or decreasing voter turnout. This is a way of manipulating the vote which has been practiced in Philadelphia for years. There are enough dummies to vote for anyone who throws a few crumbs to them.
If the city and state governments won’t act ,then President Trump should send in the N.G.
It’s better than doing nothing and Leftist Dems couldn’t play the race card because the NG will be there to protect poor blacks.:joy:


Correct me if I’m errant, but I think the National Guard answers to the Governor of each state. Maybe he can be overruled by the President, but I think the orders have to come from the Governor.

Edit: I correct myself below.


I think he may resign soon. I think I heard that this delusional, criminal bastard wants to run for President in 2020.


Sending troops into Chicago would be almost as stupid as trying to liberate Iraq. A totally futile waste of good troops and money.


Send troops, and ignore habeus corpus. So much for the law and order group.


In the face of genocide liberals will defend it. Absolutely disgusting


I think blacks deserve a good education effort, and if that still doesn’t work we need to make the best move for America, deport them back to Africa


I agree let them kill each other problem solved !!!:wink: