Seth Rogen about to go down for sexually assaulting a minor, liberal Hollywood is falling apart



Seth Rogen, promoter of liberalism and stoner trash, now stands accused of sexually assaulting a minor. He called Trump a predator then pic related transpired.

The victim’s story has not yet broke as these tweets appear to be very recent, but she is going to the press. So far, Weinstein, Ben Affleck and Oliver Stone have been exposed as hypocrites and pervs.

Is this the beginning of the end of the liberal domination of hollywood and the media?

Twitter silenced her account too.


Looks like he was being so loud as a way to cover up his own crimes. Now we know the truth. Seth Rogen is a child rapist and pedophile like so many others in Hollywood and elite political circles.


They are making it all too obvious. As soon as they start blacking out accounts you know something is up. Twitter has been very consistent about this. As soon as some truth starts spilling out (((they))) shut it down.


Seth Rogen, another guy who needs a swift kick in the dick. Let him start flapping his gums now about Trump. He looks like the type of guy who would need to assualt little girls. I hope he gets locked up for this, loses everything, and Bubba makes him his bitch. That’s what you get pedo scum.


Confirmed. I just tried looking up her account. Suspended.


This is still pretty fresh so I’m not sure what to make of it. If this turns out not to be true, I’m still glad the accusation was made. Leftists always manage to get away with accusing innocent people of things and destroying their lives and reputations. They should start feeling the sting of that. Maybe they’ll think twice before opening their mouth and accusing someone of being a racist or a rapist. It’s just as easy for us to make the same accusations of them.


Well she did say shit that’s offensive to liberals, it makes them think about their mommy and daddy and all of those long nights they had to spend with them.



It’s real.

Her name is Dana Jade and she’s a blues singer.

This is her website.

When you go to her site and click on the Twitter icon at the top, it takes you to her suspended account.



Who cares if it’s legit or not.

Even if this one is just an attention whore looking for a payout, Seth Rogen deserves it. I want to see Hollywood liberals completely devour one another over shit like this. If they don’t run to her defense, then they will be victim shaming and they can’t possibly do that. They made their bed now it’s time for them to lay in it.


Oh… Say It Ain’t So… Mr. Perfect himself is now in the mix… I’d be fab if about a dozen women called him out … would his dearly beloved walk on him too?


My day just keeps getting better and better!

More of Obama’s legacy got thrown in the trash today and now Hollywood continues to implode. I may go out and get myself some sparkling wine from a destroyed liberal Napa valley winery :wine_glass:


I think we need to start a list of Hollywood celebrities who are not sexual predators.

I think James Woods is ok.

That’s all I’ve got.


More Twitter cover-ups as Jack tries to protect one of his Libtard darlings, Seth Rogen…

Dana Jade’s twitter account immediately suspended after she accused Rogen of sexual assault.

Isn’t the Left’s motto #BelieveHer when she cries assault/rape? Where’s Jack’s principles to stop misogyny?


This is really hilarious…you give rabid women too much rope, and they will hang you…


Yep, there and FOX news, though I think some of them have been weeded out too.


Doesn’t the Hollywood elite pass out awards for child molesters , and rapist , Michael , Roman ,Cosby , etc . ??


Yeah, they are called Oscars.


And they hide them ,aid them for fame …".For decades, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was one of the richest and most powerful men in Hollywood—a VIP status that helped insulate him from sexual harassment allegations, according to some of his recent accusers."


Seems like catholic priests enjoy some sort of protections as well.