Shameless plug! Valentines day is just around the corner!



The white will be stainless but rendering stainless can be a pain, but here is what it will really look like


I saw on your FB page that you are going to be trying ceramic.


Already have but the process is not perfected yet.


Nice job @TekInferno! I’m sure your wife loves getting custom made gifts!


Most people like it. My little company has little overhead and no limits imposed by money hungry managers.

The freedom unlocks creativity and my focus… Well this explains it best:

Welcome to Archer Custom Designs
So what is Archer Custom Designs (ACD)? ACD is a service that helps people get a level of personalization or beauty that they want, not what someone else wants to give them. ACD does not sell you anything, ACD allows you to buy what you want.

It can be summed up this way; working with Archer Custom Designs is like going to a car dealership and getting the exact vehicle you want, in the exact configuration you want, without someone trying to sell you something else. You should buy what you want, not be sold what someone else wants you to buy.


I was asked about copper… My lasers are not the correct wavelength to mark it so I improvised:


Did you do that by hand?


No. I draw the stuff up on PC or render it from a photograph and then run the stuff on a CNC laser.


Valentines day is just around the corner and for me, it is not about the gift but where the gift comes from! A simple I love you comes from the heart and customized gifts say more than I love you, they say I was thinking about you long before Valentines day.


Still doing travel mugs?


Yessir, actually just did a mess of them the other day:


Nice @TekInferno I will send you a DM shortly. I’d like to have one made for the site. The bird logo on one side and the word “freebird” running down the other. I have HQ images of the logos.


Cool! Fund raiser, perhaps?


Good idea! This one is just for me though. I lost my trusty thermos this week. It was the old school glass lined one. Someone’s probably very happy with their new relic.


I made on for my wife and it disappeared. It was a refinished Contigo.


I never understood how travel mugs sprouted legs and walked away. The same goes for socks.

I think I left mine on the train commuting in to work. It was raining on Monday and I was carrying my umbrella. I think I grabbed my umbrella and left my thermos.


All of mine can be tracked because their is only one seller of ACD private label tumblers and that is me. My brand.