SHOCKER: Increasing number of women on company boards cuts profits by 12%

Like a lot of the shit that’s ‘forced’ on people for progress™️…this has already been thoroughly studied and found to be a negative.


Women in the workplace is such a catastrophe:

They are less efficient, they annoy everyone, they stir up drama, even maybe go so far as to accuse a guy of raping her to move up the ladder, they are a distraction especially if they dress/act slutty, which of course they do.


Forced diversity and inclusion always leads to negative results. I hope that in my lifetime we see a shift from this insanity and a return to merit based hiring.

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90% of the women in my office cause drama, add little to no value, and always need to be the center of attention. 5% are straight whores that just look to suck their boss’ dick to get ahead. The remaining 5% are normal hard working team players who produce.

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My boss is a woman. I can usually make it about 3-4 hours before feeling the overwhelming urge to jump out the window.

Try having two college women splitting the boss duties. Screw jumping out a window. I wanted to tear a hole in the fabric of the space-time continuum and jump through that.