Should Abortion be Legal?


Do you believe it should?

I do not, a mother is killing an innocent baby that can not help itself whatsoever and depends on the mother for life, then the mother denies the baby life and kills it. It should be illegal and people who do it should be charged with murder.


Yes it should be legal and the government should pay for it!

We should also enforce immigration!

I think those who are against abortion should adopt or pay for all the babies they prevent from being aborted. Furthermore those who have abortions (other than for medical necessity) should be fixed, both male and female - they should have their DNA stopped - so they never breed!

We are overpopulated!


I am squarely against abortion and over the past few months (since the election cycle really kicked into high gear) when describing it I’ve tried my best to use harsher language to try to get people to see what we are doing. Let me get on my soap box for just a moment and I’ll let you know what I really think on this matter.

Abortion is murder of an innocent soul and life. Taking belief out of it just reveals it as a good old fashioned genocide and extermination. Of what you might ask? Of our own species! Humanity has this sick and twisted idea that killing for the sake of convenience is right and acceptable. Even worse groups have decided that because a woman carries a baby in her body it is then her right to murder it it - which most of us recognize is asinine and crude. Abortion is nothing but a perverted form of medicine that’s no different from the works and medical experiments undertaken by Nazi physician Josef Mengele. Speaking of the Nazis it’s hard for me to accept that we find abortion to be acceptable but condemn the Nazi’s for doing the same thing with the Jews - it seems no two holocausts are alike! I find it hard to criticize the Germans for allowing the terrible actions of the Nazis to go on…while our society does the same thing…hoping that no one will notice us pretending all is still fine. I find abortion to be barbaric, dark, twisted, and unsuitable for a civilized society and I feel that future historians hundreds of years in the future will look down on our society the same as we look down on the past of the Dark Ages in Europe.

Off my soap box. You guys are lucky I’m on my laptop! I have some great political images on my desktop that could drive this nail home!!


I find the act deplorable and detestable. I also see the results of keeping unwanted children in the news every day – welfare and crime!


What children are unwanted? The regulations for adoption in this nation are far too strict. Unless you are a perfect family then you cannot adopt an American child. There are people who want to be parents but cannot do so because of medical reasons. There are single men and women who want to be parents without the hassle of a relationship (either than or are socially awkward enough to not be in one) who cannot adopt. In fact when it comes to adoption most Americans seek Russian, Chinese, or South American children because the regulations are a lot lesser. I had a supervisor who was a single parent who adopted a Russian Boy - she was just done with marriage and burned out of it but still wanted to be a Mother. So if we could just fix the adoption system in America so it stops vilifying and denying everyone but “perfect” families there really wouldn’t be any unwanted children. Crime would be less and so would welfare.


I used to be strongly pro-life, but I read a book (Freakonomics, I think) which stated the statistics in very frank terms, and I became Pro-Choice very soon afterwards. The statistics basically say that if a teen who would get an abortion if she was allowed to has a child, then that child’s chances of living a happy life are significantly lower. I don’t particularly like it, but we don’t have a solution to this problem. Abortion is the best of many terrible options, unfortunately. I think we can avoid that through making birth control more available, but stop it? Not a chance. And adoption is, unfortunately, a pipe dream. There simply aren’t enough parents looking to adopt.


I think abortion should be up to the women to decide, as a man I don’t think we should get to decide as it is a woman’s body and what she does with it and what she decides to carry, is up to her and nobody else, and they should be able to choose and not be stopped from having one.


That’s a pretty lame excuse. “It’s her body” is a lame excuse. The baby is completely reliant upon the mother for life. Then the mother takes a pill and kills it. That’s cold hard murder. It isn’t any different than if the mother decides to kill it after a few weeks.


Do you think it’s acceptable for a doctor to kill a patient who is brain dead?

In both instances, there is no consciousness which is being destroyed. In the case of a patient, the consciousness is gone, and in the case of the unborn child, the consciousness has not yet been formed. Scientists don’t really understand how consciousness works, but an unborn child is essentially just a bunch of chemicals. It’s impossible to say when that child becomes a person, but it’s definitely true that it is not instantaneous.


The science behind whether a fetus is a person is not is confusing, opinionated, and convoluted enough that I think it’s going out on a limb for anyone to say that they’re certain whether a fetus is a person or not. So, abortion is either murder or it isn’t. Nobody knows. I guess killing one person is theoretically killing off one hundred billion people because of that person’s potential offspring, but when someone commits a murder, we only charge them once. Is the use of birth control murder? I don’t know, and neither do you. I don’t feel comfortable supporting a law which requires someone to do something based on dubious science, particularly when there are negative consequences for the rest of us when that happens.


I’m sick of the whole subject. Want to kill a baby, be my guest. Roe ain’t going anywhere.

We got big fish to fry right now. Talking over and over about abortion is a total freaking waste of time.

Trump would be wise to come out on the Sunday shows tomorrow and state he won’t under any circumstance talk about killing babies.



Amen to that brother. I’m so tired of that debate. The only thing that gets me pissed off is the federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Outside of that it will never be overturned and that’s just the way it is.


I’ve been listening to this s___ since the pill was invented and before Roe. This faux debate is one of the tools the ultra left uses to control the population, especially females.

It’s a Hillary rallying issue just as free baby killing pills were during Obama’s second campaign. Trump should state his position one last time and tell the leftest media the debate is over.

Next f_____ issue.


Apparently your unaware of what it takes to adopt a child in the US.

Not an easy path and years in time not to mention the cost.


I’m all about choice so yes it should be legal but it needs regulations. In rape and incest cases is a good example. Women should not be allowed to use abortion as a birthday control so there needs to be extensive evaluation before one is performed


I think it should be legal, but in the case of marriage the father of the unborn child / husband of the pregnant woman should have equal say. If both parties don’t agree, then the pregnancy can’t be terminated. Seems fair to me. I also think partial birth abortions should be outlawed.


I think abortion should be legal up untill the time where a baby could survive if out of the womb. Also I don’t think it’s up for the government to decide what a woman does with her body, they have no right to. I find it very hypocritical of some people that are libertarians and believe in small government but want the government to control what women do with their body.


This is not a simple issue.

I am personally against abortion but I also feel it is imperative that a woman have the RIGHT to determine what goes on within her own body, up to 23 weeks.

And further, medical clinics like Planned Parenthood must be funded to counsel and educate and provide important health care and birth control to women and girls in ambulatory settings!

Abortion is the result of a problem of lack of education lack of affordable health care lack of affordable birth control.

Fix the problem and abortions will continue to go down. That should be the goal.


I believe in some cases it should be legal , but I have a problem with women that use abortion as a means of birth control .


What I don’t understand is why this was ever made into a federal issue to begin with. Abortion is a personal issue between a woman and whoever she procreated with. The government should have never been involved. If the government had stayed out of the way, then this wouldn’t be an issue every time it comes to voting for someone.