Should Abortion be Legal?


I hear you and I too wish Federal Action was not needed. Alas, if the States did their job it would not have been.

As is usually the case the Federal Government got involved because the States were violating a woman’s Constitutional Rights. Again.

Specifically The 14th Amendment.

We have failed to do any major thing right unless mandated by a Law or Decree.

  1. Slavery.
  2. Woman’s Suffrage.
  3. Child Labor.
  4. Fair Labor.
  5. Civil Rights.
  6. A Woman’s Right.
  7. Equal Rights.
  8. Gay Rights.

We fail just about every time. We rarely are capable of doing anything right unless mandated by a Law. Sad.


You did forget border enforcement
Deportation etc.

But then again that goes against your beliefs.


well depending on whose number you read Our President has deported more illegals than Dubya.

we just don’t agree ripping apart good hard working otherwise law abiding families makes sense in any scenario is all.


I’m not taking jabs, but have a serious question concerning your positon on this. Although it’s way off topic.

Do you not believe in the enforcement of our current immigration laws? If that’s the case, why? If pepper came here illegally then they have no right to stay here or access benefits. They haven’t paid into the systems and programs that Americans have paid into, yet they draw from then. Is this the type of behavior that you advocate?


Hi Anna,

You ask an excellent question and you phrased it very well. Thank you that is a very important question.

Here is my own opinion.

As my moniker indicates I am in HR and have been for a long time so I am familiar with immigration law, I-9’s, VISAS, etc.

Let’s look at the facts. Now I am not saying I am putting out ALL the facts that would be exhaustive and impossible but I am putting out facts related to your point, if anyone has other facts I missed I WELCOME that because I want us all to know the truth because peoples lives may depend on who and what we elect/vote for.

I will try to keep this short because it is a big subject but I am happy to discuss any follow up questions.

  1. depending on whose numbers we listen to there is up to some 20 MILLION illegals here now.

  2. if we agree “SOME” number are good people they have jobs pay taxes (the IRS has tax idenificaation numbers TIN for illegals) and they otherwise are law abiding. Let’s say HALF are. So 10 MILLION are people most countries would WANT hard workers, law abiding, TAX paying. so the statement about “they take benefits” is really bogus. it doesn’t exist most illegals contribute more to us than they take. And most illegals DO PAY INTO the system they pay taxes they don’t want to be found out!!! So they do everything to look legal.

  3. THEY DONT COLLECT SOCIAL SECURITY since they are illegal they have TIN’s or fake SSN’s so they pay into Social Security but they don’t collect anything. They may get health care but geeze c’mon these are PEOPLE we cant let them die in the streets!!! The HOUSE refused to even debate it so it died. That is PATHETIC.

  4. Immigration Reform was written by John McCain and Ted Kennedy in 2007, America couldn’t handle it. Sen. ® Lindsay Graham tried to bring it up again around 2012 and was threatened he would not be re-elected. The BI-PARTISAN Gang of 8 (sponsored by Marco Rubio Presidential Candidate) sent a updated bill to Congress that was PASSED by the Senate in 2014.

this Bill called for illegals to apply and go to the end of the line and if they had not other crimes and have PAID TAXES and hold JOBS and have no FELONIES and otherwise live good lives…then they PAY A FINE and can become citizens. This hurts NO ONE and MAKES US BETTER>

PLUS the fines depending on which number we look at would generate $50 BILLION to $75 BILLION DOLLARS which would be used to BUILD A WALL and HIRE 100’s of BORDER AGENTS this PAYS FOR ITSELF from the illegals why on earth would we not want to do this???

  1. the biggest thing Anna is illegal immigration is a CIVIL MISDEMEANOR in other words it is the same level as a TRAFFIC TICKET. it is not tried in Criminal Court but in CIVIL court and it has NO JAIL TIME except that needed to process the PENALTY is deportation. (now felonies change this, but for (I’m guessing…90% of deportations it is handled under CIVIL court).

  2. Right now many immigration hearings are handled via video because Our President has deported more illegals than almost anyone but He does not want to deport good people and rip apart FAMIIES that is HORRIBLE.

  3. we need to protect good people, good families, and little kids period.

  4. we need to ask ourselves who are we? if we are America we need to start to ACT like it!!!

So yeah, this is the kind of behavior I advocate. And my America advocates. Because it is the human thing to do it is the right thing to do and it makes our country GREAT.

anything less is shameful.
(Winston Churchill: “America always does the right thing. After they exhaust all other possibilities.”)

We are a great nation and a great people but because we are protected by two oceans we do not understand what other nations go thru and we can come off as a weak selfish people when it comes to helping others and our wealth of benefits in out nation also spoils us. We are very LUCKY. We should appreciate these GIFTS and not think we are special or better because a large part of our success is simply that we have been incubated from a lot of the conflicts Europe, Mid East, Asia et al, did to each other.

Now…anyone who has committed a FELONY or REPEATED MISDEMEANORS yeah…toss. them out.

BUT…Protecting DREAMERS, families, young kids, good people, some have fought in our Military…yes…we need to be SMART not hateful. These people want to be here they want to contribute they ARE contributing. We need to KEEP THEM>

Thank you Anna, I found your questions amazing and this is just my opinion but I wanted to make it complete so please feel free to respond as you see fit.

Yeah. This is the America I support. And IMO you should too. Thank you for asking Anna I hope you will join us to help keep these good people and families here because they love America just like you do.

Thanks again!



And you are truly uninformed as they count turnarounds as deportations, but then again your always right so have at it in Nirvana.


as long as the data points are the same the comparison is valid Lou.

you got to smile more.



Of course you are right. A person turned around at the border is exactly the same as a deportation even though they have never counted turnarounds as deportation in the past.


I can sense your frustration, Lou.

Don’t worry the election is coming soon.

wait…that will probably make you more depressed.

I’m sorry, Lou.



Not at all frustrated, just acknowledging your superior intellect in twisting facts in any shape you desire.


Baby killers are among the sickest and most depraved individuals in human history.

In what reality does murdering the most innocent human beings become a “right”? It’s probably the most warped and twisted idea ever conceived.

You don’t want me posting pictures of partial birth abortions and salt poisonings…but I will.


I can understand the pro-choice view because:

  1. The child would probably be born into a situation that is awful anyways, creating more suffering than if it is just aborted.
  2. The risk of the mother’s health is a big one.
  3. The child, if deformed or mentally handicapped, would cause long term suffering for themselves and their family.

However, the pro-life side also stands up very well to me:

  1. Abortion is murder no matter how you put it. It is putting an end or stop to human life. Even if you want to argue that human life doesn’t begin until birth, that doesn’t change the fact that you are doing something that will stop the development of a human life- effectively ending the human life.
  2. It gives an out to people who should be responsible but choose not to be, and then use taxpayer-assisted programs to commit what is essentially infanticide.
  3. Saying that ending the life is okay just because there is no pain/no consciousness is a horrible argument made by the pro-choice side, because I could find someone sleeping and shoot them in the head. They were in a state of no consciousness and felt no pain, but it was still wrong to murder them.

I would be pro-life but my issue comes with consistency- it would be preferable to allow abortions in situations where the baby will be mentally or physically handicapped, or where the health of a woman is at risk.

So is it possible to be pro-life in certain situations, and pro-choice in others? I would say yes, except that that encourages inconsistency and also the idea that you are the one who gets to choose who lives and who dies- I’m not religious but I think it’s wrong to be doing that.


Simple answer is yes. America is about freedom and choices and not having the government telling us what to do, especially when is something personal


Should the government pay for the abortion?


And yet your a liberal democrat , hilarious ! :laughing: Find a Country you like better and make the move your continuous whining is pathetic . :grin:


No the government should not pay for abortion. That is a personal thing and is the patient responsibility


Yet abortion is legal, the government pays for abortions as it is a great method of birth control for the lazy.


Yup, like most things the government regulates, there are 3000 pages of red tape when they could make it simple and put black and white regulations on one page. After the second abortion a woman should be forced to get a hysterectomy. If she is stupid enough to keep her legs open after a mistake like that she deserves that… Except in the case of rape where she didn’t have a choice


Perhaps we should just embrace Sharia law… I’'m am sure all the liberal women out their would like that … right? I mean being part of ‘the harem’ from conception should give those cradle to grave people some comfort…


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