Should Abortion be Legal?


There are many pros and cons.

Ultimately, it’s not your choice and you don’t have to live with the decision. Women will do what they want, legally or illegally.

I nor you can chose the morality of the potential mother, only they can determine that and live with their decision.

As a side note I do not like abortion nor should government pay for abortions as they are not the decision maker on morality for this country.


We live in a society where it is far worse to say that you are proud of being white than kill your unborn baby.


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According to the argument killing a baby because it is a burden should open that argurment up to anyone in society who is a burden…

And… what about those sentience beings who can’t speak for themselves.??


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Yes it should…


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Everybody’s here illegally…


Sorry, but no it’s not. Murder is illegal.


Abortion is murder.


How to Explain Abortion to Little Kids

“… Explaining abortion to a young child is an awful, horrifying thing to do. In our home, this explanation is necessary because of our involvement with crisis pregnancy centers and diocesan pro-life activities. Our kids start to hear the word abortion at a fairly young age, and so at a certain point I must tell them, gently, the meaning of the word…”


In cases of rape, I would be ok with the day after pill. Other than that, it’s murder…


I believe that when female is fertilized, it’s a living organism. What else could it be!!! I believe in certain cases abortion should be legal and the " father" should have input.
In cases of rape, incest,medical or mental conditions of the fetus,abortion should be legal. It shouldn’t be treated like a cold.
Planned Parenthood should be privately funded as it has gone beyond birth control counseling.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::bomb:


I think if we have gotten to the point where lots of women are electing to abort their unborn children, we’ve already made a grave mistake as a society. We shouldn’t be arguing about whether the women should be allowed to do it or not. We should be arguing about why some women want to do it, and how we can prevent them from being in a position where they feel like it’s the best option. It is not a sign of a healthy society when women decide they don’t want their children to be born.


I think we should keep abortion legal because no state should have power over such matters. Rather, a free human being should be convinced to do otherwise. We need to prove why abortion is unjust, why prevention is important, and offer ethical solutions to this otherwise difficult problem.


So by your reasoning, only those who support uncontrolled immigration, should pay for the immigrants. Sounds logical to me


Don’t you just love this debate; men who will never have to endure the physical and mental trauma of pregnancy and childbirth telling women what to do. It’s far from black and white! If your teenage daughter was raped, could you tell her she has to bear her rapist’s child?


Pregancy tests do not work until at least 28 days. Then a foetus cannot be aborted till at least 7-8 weeks as it would be too small.

Morning after pills don’t work after about 48 hours.


It is a very emotive subject, but at the end of the day, it should be the woman who decides


Then women are told, sorry you can’t get paid as much as a man because you took time off to have a child…