Should Abortion be Legal?


There are many pros and cons.

Ultimately, it’s not your choice and you don’t have to live with the decision. Women will do what they want, legally or illegally.

I nor you can chose the morality of the potential mother, only they can determine that and live with their decision.

As a side note I do not like abortion nor should government pay for abortions as they are not the decision maker on morality for this country.


We live in a society where it is far worse to say that you are proud of being white than kill your unborn baby.


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According to the argument killing a baby because it is a burden should open that argurment up to anyone in society who is a burden…

And… what about those sentience beings who can’t speak for themselves.??


Must have had a coronary after the election.


Yes it should…


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Everybody’s here illegally…


Sorry, but no it’s not. Murder is illegal.