Should the “rabbit hole thread” be closed?


I Personally find it a little annoying that I cannot block this thread without blocking all new members. Nothing against the people who are in this thread but I and many others don’t even really go in there anyways.

Should the Rabbit Hole thread be closed?

  • Yes
  • No

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The Rabbit Hole

It’s like a group from another forum that won’t talk to all of us lol


Yeah I feel like an illegal immigrant when I go in there…:rofl:


I wouldn’t mind it if the people there made different threads for their topics, but I’ve been following along closely and it’s just a discussion amongst a little group about whatever they want.

We had this happen once before with the USMB Rejects thread.


I say yes because I’m new and it looks like bad manners to me.


I find your question very odd. I find your reasoning for wanting it blocked even more odd.

If you don’t like a thread, don’t read it.

We all have the right to post in any thread on the site (I think).

I have seen posts by some of the frequenters of The Rabbit Hole in other threads.

Any time I post in any thread, “all of you” can read what I write…even when I am replying to a particular posters. So I guess I’m talking to “all of us” with each post.

I find The Rabbit Hole and interesting thread…and it’s just like all other threads that I have already been into…when I return, it takes up where I left off.


Ok that’s a good point too. But I guess that means I can just invite my friends here and plan our next fishing trip and BBQ and stuff. Hope you guys don’t mind!


I support the existence of containment threads. It keeps all of the junk in one place.


Its just constantly on my screen as an unread topic that i dont want to see. Mabey they can move their rabbit hole to Oceania…:neutral_face:


I agree. But put it somewhere else…


Moving it anywhere wouldn’t prevent it from being bumped though.


At least if it’s in Oceana I can mark it as not watching. While it’s in new members category I can’t do that because then I wouldn’t be able to see the new members who post


Why not? We are not forced to read in any thread.

However, you must provide pictures of your BBG grills…if they’re unique, homemade or rare.:sunglasses:





But #Oceania wouldn’t be the right category. I don’t think #New-Members is the right place anymore either. #Lounge would probably be best and there was talk about hiding the #Lounge a while back.


What do you want…another category? Perhaps it could be called The Rabbit Hole:sunglasses:

…and this thread (yours) could be moved to the Lounge…where it belongs.:thinking:


I would say yes but people do post interesting topics in the lounge. Oceana I could care less about and if they is going to be in a rabbit hole anywhere stick it there …:rofl:


The site is not here to please just you.

It will still take the top spot on the front page every time it gets a new post. Why do you care to which category it’s moved?


I understand that. That’s why I put it to a vote. :neutral_face:. Just seeing if there’s any other like-minded folks like myself as my original post in new members said. :grin:


No. You put “closing it” to a vote. Pay attention.:joy:


I didn’t know that. I thought that if I wasn’t watching that category that I wouldn’t see it.