Shut down the government until you give us border security!


Trump threatens to shut down government if you don’t give us boarder security, Democrats want open boarders and are terrified that America won’t turn brown, because most will vote for free things and they now realize they are so close.


Another brilliant strategical move…he’s playing chess and playing it well.


Giving the Democrats rope to hang them selves in November… secure your home or lose the elections Democrats ball is in your court!


I saw a couple of Latinos in Boston I called ice on there arse! They ran like roaches


Will probably backfire on him but I give him credit if he actually does it for conviction even if I disagree with it.


This is bare knuckle fighting - Trump needs to make people like McConnell and Ryan more afraid of him than of CNN.


To me this is his put up or shut up moment… He capitulated on the last budget and swore he wouldn’t do it again… Lets hope he meant it when he said ‘never again’… The uniparty in Congress and their Wall Street benefactors are waiting for him to blink.


I think the first time he was trying to show that he was willing to negotiate. Now these dick heads don’t want to negotiate on anything because they think he balked…when he actually put a line in the sand.


He’s going to make them look even more like fools…


Well did you give Obama credit who did it for conviction even though you disagreed with him?? Btw, as candidate, Trump told us all that when the government shuts down it’s the presidents fault.


Got a video of that? I’d like to see proof.


And signing a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit proved he’s a very bad negotiator.


Sure do, and it was Fox News that he said this to.


It’s not trumps fault Congress needs to pass trumps
Law. Merit based immigration! Ryan and McConnell need amass kicking


History will see this shutdown as a moment trump saved America! Don’t back down!


He’s making Congress do their job and be accountable to the voters. The Dems running for reelection in states Trump won are probably afraid to vote against a budget with the wall in it out of fear of losing the election. :blush:


This will be right up there with emancipation proclamation ! Thank you trump!


This is how I see It: Trump is going to be running for reelection. He knows that most people who voted for him, voted for that wall and a lot of them are upset that it isn’t started yet. He just took all that pressure and put in on congress. Regardless if the government gets shut down or not, he is turning everyone’s finger pointed at him for the wall onto congress now and keeping his voters.:sunglasses: The Libs are going to be trying to scare everyone of a shut down because they don’t want that pressure, but fuckum…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



It’s not congresses job to do what the president says. But if he closes down the government as he’s threatening to, then it’s quite obviously his fault, not just because HE’s the one threatening it, but because as candidate, he said, if the government shuts down, “it’s the presidents FAULT”. :wink: