Shut down the government until you give us border security!


Quote a president that gets what he wants by threatening to hurt everyday Americans by shutting down the government to get what he wants. Otherwise, you prove the point, Trumps point, that government shut downs are to be blamed on the president. And Trump already has one notch on his stick.


Shutting down the irs will really hurt the common man haha


And yet Americans keep filling congress with people of the same ideology over and over and over again, when there is as a matter of fact, growing numbers of qualified independent voters, both in local and national elections, who the independents just refuse to give a damn opportunity to. It really is a huge point of contention to me. So…the voters get what they deserve sense they’re too paralyzed to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!

FEAR, the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. :roll_eyes:


That may be true, but if Trump doesn’t fight for it now, he’s a lame duck. He might as well let the GOP wimps who won’t do it get their heads cut off, too. This isn’t Trump’s career like it is for the wimps.

As far a making Mexico pay, that would be easy: tell Mexico that any attempt to breach the wall will be considered an act of war and all of their offshore oil platforms will be up for grabs.


Republican Party is made up of the people and we want the wall


If Trump shuts down the government and keeps it shut down for the remainder of his term, I’d consider him among the greatest of US presidents. I’d put him into Founders territory.


That’s why you’re a plumber, teacher, salesman or whatever you are and not running a country. But I appreciate the effort.


Lol, you’d be the first one squealing when the infrastructure that you use and take for granted, but don’t want to pay for, stopped working. :roll_eyes:


Well suit yourself if that’s your shtick with Trump…


It is fascist to judge intent …


So come on back, what do you have to say about Trump’s declaration that a government shut down lands on the presidents desk, sense you obviously didn’t believe it?


Democrats are not in control of the govt…The refusal of fellow Republicans is the problem. Why lay blame on the party that has no power to do as such? Oh, that’s right you follow what the echo chamber produces in rhetorical propaganda…


So you don’t know they need 60 votes? Do you not know how laws are passed? Oh wait you are a Democrat lol


It’s true, I’ve got better things to do but I know how to put another dimension to the dreaded “Reconquista”


If there is a will there is a way to pass legislation, and I am no Democrat that is your inability to discuss the matter without creating a false situation through rhetorical projections…


You’ll combat that on a regular basis here.


Yes… lets take libertarians, who are by far the larger of the small parties, seriously… indeed.

Reminds me of a party in the UK that run every election

Their leader

Their public exhibition…

Perhaps the Green Party and the American Vegetarian Party can come together and make a run…


See… Trump goes and does something different and rejects the status quo of the two major parties and you object. What you really want is your candidate, fulfilling all of your wishes and demanding that everyone else vote for this obscure person.

You are right, none of the elected reps support Trumps border wall… they don’t even support securing the border and controlling immigration at levels requested by the majority of people in this country…


Or…you can keep banging your head against the same wall. Suit yourself, I know you will, shrug.


Different isn’t automatically good. This man is a complete buffoon and moron and we won’t be done with him soon enough. Immigration reform, that maintaines border integrity is real simple and cheap and doesn’t require an opulent and ugly and expensive wall and he won’t get it. But Americans don’t want to do what it takes because there’s too many that benefit from things as they are.