Shut down the government until you give us border security!


Nothing new on messge forums…


Is that monte?..:laughing:


I used my vote on Perot… He made sense from all most all angles of his argument. What is interesting about him is that either he was actually being hounded by CIA demons and his presence on the political stage was no more wanted than that of Ron Paul or Trump…or he carried around far more paranoia and conspiracy than Trump ever will… If its the former, perhaps Trump isn’t the problem and if it is the later, your judge of character is impaired too… :rofl::rofl:

You keep going back to ‘Trump Promised’ and I can see as a non politician wearing the CEO hat of his private enterprise where he might have felt empowered to accomplish those things but political reality hit him when he got elected… has he not kept his promises or has he been stonewalled in his attempts?


How generous of you, I can always count on you giving Trump every benefit of the doubt, as you gave Obama, none.


Lol Obama was a joke we said he was a joke.


I have no idea what your saying here beyond self criticizing your judge of character for having voted for Perot.


You would have to be more specific as to when Obama did it. I don’t consider government shut down bad however.


Well then it’s a moot point. Let presidents shut down government out of conviction, shrug.


Or border security shruggs


I don’t generally consider people having convictions a bad thing, even if they aren’t ones I share. What they do with them is up to them.


Got it, that’s why I said the point is moot and I don’t have a quarrel with you about it.


Isn’t that what we elect people to do… supposedly… operate in conviction to the opinions that got them elected? Hell… I thought you wanted to do something different.


In this case, that opinion was that it’s the presidents fault when the government shuts down. So if I voted for Trump knowing that was his opinion as citizen Trump or candidate Trump, I sure wouldn’t expect to hear him as president say things like, what the country needs is a good government shutdown. Or declaring that shutdowns are good, and certainly I wouldn’t expect him to be threatening shutdown.


But you would support a good government shutdown if it meant scuttling our foreign policy and giving all those tax dollars to social causes of your choice now wouldn’t you… of course you would. I feel that way about border security and removing the incentive to cheap labor…


There’s no such thing as a “good” government shut down and it’s a bad way for legislators and presidents to govern, sorry.


What’s being glossed over is yet another instance of Trump hypocrisy as he clearly declared before being president that government shutdowns belong to the president, and now that idiot thinks they’re good and is threatening them. Btw, he doesn’t get his stupid wall. And the GOA says his wall will waste billions!!!


Well… we just didn’t elect the GOA to create immigration policy or set infrastructure goals now did we? By the way, they tend to be as wrong in their predictions as the are right. Right now, they have Trumps projected deficits to rise forever and they are created by a baseline that will only change with the congress changing the way they do business… I think the president wants that change and is willing to go to the mat for it. By the way… we are talking 25 billion that would save billions more… and would stop the next obama, short of the overt act of tearing down the wall are allowing boat loads of people from pulling the same open borders stunt that he did… Win win at double the price.


I’m pissed the President didn’t shutdown the government over that horrendous budget deal ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:$1,300,000,000,000 mistake which increased this year’s discretionary spending caps by a whopping $143 billion, paving the way for a 13 percent spending boost , when did we get a 13% increase in our pay ? If Trump wasn’t willing to shutdown the government over the outrageous budget , why wait until a few months before midterms to shut it down over the wall ? :thinking:



The wall and a end to migration will restore American culture, and save america millions