Shut down the government until you give us border security!


The Trump administration could potentially waste billions of dollars on a border wall because it failed to fully account for factors like varying terrain and land ownership along the Southwest border, according to a new report.

Note this is an opinion by the GAO that says that 'The Trump administration could potentially waste billions of dollars. I saw nothing in the article that dealt with the cost of illegals that do cross the border or even that fact that forcing smaller and smaller holes in the fence would make enforcement less expensive nor did I see them convert into dollars the economic and social cost to the open border we have now … that certain politicians want desperately to ignore by creating agency law by presidential decree and by forcing agencies to ignore the laws that are on the books.


We would save trillions with the wall


Well of course the Government Accounting Office watchdog is only relevant if they confirm Trump. So they are compromised like everyone and everything else, snicker. The “deep state”. :ghost:


I don’t believe you have ever read much of anything that I have said good about GAO predictions. They use a baseline that is heavily dependent on programs and legislation that preceded its prediction and with reference to Trump, I think it is impossible for them to know just how much might change to the baseline in their predictions… Hell one of the most obvious things is interest rates… they held stable at near nothing throughout the Obama years… who knows how high they will go… some people are predicting 10 year yields at 5% or more before long…


This is just another liberal lie, pretending to care about the cost when you’d oppose it if it was free.

We waste hundreds of billions managing illegal aliens in this country. Every single argument liberals make to countenance illegal aliens is either a flagrant lie or namecalling.


The GAO, says it will waste billions. That’s a nonpartisan organization, a watchdog agency if you will. I understand your opinion, but I’ll stick with them.


We waste hundreds of billions managing illegal aliens and criple American citizens of color with lower wages and less opportunity for jobs .


I doubt they are going in to Latin neighborhoods seeing who’s using welfare so they don’t know shit


You’re wasting your time trying to argue the worth of a GAO analysis on this. Yeah, there’s lots of ways that billions could be wasted - looking at the track record of the federal government, it’s a pretty certain bet. Not building the wall will waste much, much more.

Liberals only make this practicality argument when they get tired of lying about how good illegal aliens are. They’d only get more angry if it didn’t cost anything and we made Mexico pay for it. When was the last time you saw a liberal bemoan all of the money wasted by Obamacare? If liberals want it, money’s no object. If they don’t, they’ll dishonestly nitpick it on wasting a buck.


From the CBO web site… They do get it right sometimes but even they hedge their bets when asked about their ability to accurately determine the cost and the cost benefit of a piece of legislation… and it is nearly impossible to determine the trajectory if the legislation had not been enacted.

The Accuracy of CBO’s Budget Projections

Posted by Doug Elmendorf on

March 25, 2013

Following a recent hearing, we were asked by a Member of Congress: “Does CBO ever go back and review its estimates of the budgetary impact of legislation?” Here was our answer:

Yes, CBO routinely monitors the budgetary effects of enacted legislation to help improve projections of spending and receipts under current law, as well as to improve cost estimates for new legislative proposals.

However, it is often difficult or impossible to determine, even in retrospect, the incremental impact on the budget of a particular piece of legislation. CBO regularly prepares cost estimates for legislation when bills are reported by committees of the House of Representatives or the Senate. In some cases, such legislation is changed before enactment. Although CBO often provides updated cost estimates (especially for direct spending provisions) prior to the enactment of legislation, proposals are sometimes amended after cost estimates are prepared. Moreover, in many cases the actual costs or savings resulting from enacting legislation cannot be identified; they may be a small part of a large budget account or revenue stream, and there may be no way to know for certain what would have happened if the legislation was not enacted. In fact, most of the cost estimates that CBO completes are for legislative proposals that are not enacted, so it is not possible to determine their accuracy.


I live in Boston, we have first generation Latinos all on welfare, subsidized housing, and if they rent, a one bedroom has 15 people in it… get this culture out of my country go ruin elite Democrats neighborhoods


The wall is a waste of money, not just for the reasons that the GAO suggests, but because the laws already exist to prevent illegal immigration, it’s just that neither party enforces them because American business small and large benefit from it. Also, the majority of people here illegally are those that have expired visas which wouldn’t be prevented from entry via a southern border wall anyway.


Visa overstayers outnumber those who cross the southern border ONLY sense 2007 and total number of overstayers over illegals is only about a half a million… A far cry from the millions who came before. Also one reason that the visa overstay option has gained steam is that a large percentage have found that it is an easier and safer way to fall under the chain migration laws where an illegal relative already resides in the US. This of course is a relatively recent trend and one used to justify not building the wall… of course one of the reasons that illegal crossing is down is because now everyone exploits the asylum laws… but never the less, the come via the southern border… its time to force each and every one of them to portals…


At any rate, illegal border crossings are down, visa overstays are up. And there’s not going to be a wall.


And I confidently predict that you’ll repeat that lie about visa overstays as if it was never debunked. The liberal “big lie” amplifier is turned to “11” when it comes to illegal aliens.


Well that’s pretty damn important, looks like it’s not a Wall Trump needs, I think he’s the scarecrow… look how many people he’s allowed to overstay their visas. :flushed::flushed::flushed:

No wall fixes this problem.

And here’s how many crossed the southern border, so the greater threat is clear:

There were 303,916 border apprehensions in the southwest U.S. during fiscal 2017—a 26 percent drop from 2016. A large number of those apprehensions were people presenting themselves to border agents and seeking asylum.


Hey Monte we are shutting off the spout of illegals… nothing you can do about it… you need a new slave base. lol


No, that’s just a piece of it, there’s plenty of justification not to build Trumps “BIG beautiful wall’ and the GAO just recently added to it. No wall!!!


So you agree that illegals are a threat? No, didn’t think so.

We need a wall for a number of reasons, including ensuring that deportation isn’t futile. We need to hound the visa overstays, and make it firm that if you need any attention from ICE then you’re blackballed forever from coming back. At least with Visa overstays, we know who those people are (or should).

We should also deduct one legal immigrant from the yearly quota for any country that has a citizen who gets deported. Also, do that for any foreign national requesting asylum. They want to cut in line? OK, people doing it legally, move back one for one.


Scared the hell out of um huh… we need the wall so when someone like obama gets elected he will have to actually tear down the wall to resume the exuberance south of the border. We are certainly seeing precisely why Obamas numbers were so high… some people caught 10 and 15 times… Its easy to pad your numbers when you just keep doing the same thing over and over again. The number of people who want amnesty is the number that tells the tale…