Shut down the government until you give us border security!


Black neighborhoods are full, you Democrats should start opening your schools up to these foreigners you hypocritical bastard


Obama Obama Obama. :roll_eyes:

Illegal border crossings are down, visa violations are up and you’re NOT getting your wall.


Those laws you speak of are preventing nothing. Since when does any criminal follow the law?


Right, that was my point, because they’re not enforced. Administration after administration does a token job at it and that’s because business has too much to gain from the status quo porous border that feeds an endless supply of cheap labor.


We’re talking about American businesses who aren’t following the law and administration after administration doing only a token job in enforcement.


Ohhhh it’s the business fault the government floods America with low wage workers … ahhhhh


The Treaty of Guadalupe that ended the War with Mexico. allowed for an open border between the USA and Mexico. After the war , Texas Rangers began the systematic genocide of Mexican American nationals living in Texas and all other former Mexican territory. And for the often used reason to obtain free grazing land .


Yep, the never ending exploitation…


And the Aztecs and Mayans ripped peoples hearts out continuously to appease their gods. And the Spaniards killed them for their gold.


“Crime and Treason, The War With Mexico”
By Raoul Lowery Contreras
Has it only been a hundred and fifty years?
Yes, in February of 1848, the United States of America forced Mexico to sign away mil- lions of acres of Mexican territory in what is now California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and parts of Kansas and Oklahoma. This was, pure and simple, a real estate deal.
Actually, it was the end of the Mexican American War that started in 1846 when Democratic pro-slavery President James K. Polk sent troops into Mexico with secret ver- bal orders to start a war so that the United States could implement it’s “Manifest Des- tiny” and steal real estate for Southerners to extend slave territory.
the small matter that the truth would not per- mit him."
Congressman Lincoln, however, was but a minor player in the controversy of whether the war with Mexico was right, and moral. His party, the Whigs, were against the war, pe- riod.
“Should we prosecute this war another mo- ment, or expend one dollar in’the purchase or conquest of a single acre of Mexican land, the North and the South are brought into colli- sion on a point where neither will yield,” de- clared United States Senator Thomas Corwin, Whig and a former Governor of Ohio, refer- ring, of course, to slavery. He further stated on the floor of the Senate, “…why should we precipitate this fearful struggle (an American civil war), by continuing a war (with Mexico) the result of which must be to force us at once upon a civil conflict? Sir, rightly considered, this is treason, treason to the Union, treason to the dearest interests, the loftiest aspirations,
According to historian John Eisenhower,
this war was one of America’s bloodiest.
Many Americans died for real estate. Perhaps
the most memorable battle was at Chapultepec
Castle, on a hill, in Mexico City where Mexi-
can cadets courageously fought off successive
attacking waves of- U. S .1Marines. Marine-)
blood, bodies and wounded covered the hill.
It was a fight that ended when six 12-13-year- - - - cont6st.”


Stop congress from creating laws that govern business and this will stop…


I would ask how you’d propose that they’d be regulated, but I already know you want the fox minding the hen house. That’s just not ever going to happen. I have offices in three states but presently I’m under audit by Oklahoma for Oklahoma payroll, 2017. Not sure what it will cost me in the end for my CPA to pull and submit the myriad documentation they ask for weekly, shouldn’t be too bad, but I have no problem with it. That’s state government executing their regulatory duties. Making sure business is properly withholding, not paying employees under the table, etc.,


You have missed the many times that I have said that the responsibility for any of this type of regulation is at the state level… The founders intended for it to be that way. Don’t like doing business in Oklahoma or California, take it else where. If Oklahoma and California don’t like losing business or because some other state loses business because business owners like the regulation… they will adapt to the needs of the state. Federal regulation of the kind we have now allows for little if any latitude from the state because some very creative lawyers have figured that the Commerce Clause is a blanket cover for every regulation imaginable at the federal level. I don’t have a problem with the federal government enforcing contracts and states finding their own way to compete… I just don’t like the complete and total authoritarian nature of our top down federal government.

This is where the left throws blanket statements kind of like all libertarians are anarchists… Their must be some regulation but it should be very general in nature and not play favorites with business… It removes the impulse to bribe the official… it removes the impulse of the official to extort the business…


Wow, indeed I have. I’ve only seen you put the onerous of regulation on the public and business.


Oh… you must not have been around for my state’s rights positions.


Perhaps not…