Shutdown Drama Distracts from Our Sorry Fiscal State


Maybe someday the dunces in congress will finally realize it’s not about the taxes but the spending.

This year’s deficit will be nearly double last year’s. The recurring shutdown and short-term-funding debates have let Democrats and Republicans run through debate points about immigration and their views of the president. But lost in an argument that is grounded in spending is the spending itself: the grim outlook of our nation’s finances. It is telling that the State of the Union address, which celebrated big government but did not even mention debt or the ongoing deficits, was widely popular. Government shutdowns have become trial runs for would-be star politicians and tend to be popular with the parties’ activist bases. Ted Cruz raised his profile by orchestrating the 2013 shutdown even though it failed to put a dent in Obamacare. (Today he claims to have “consistently opposed shutdowns.”) And after a weekend-long shutdown this year, activist Democrats protested in front of Chuck Schumer’s home because the event had ended too soon. Kamala Harris, who like Ted Cruz in 2013 is eyeing the next general election, has committed to backing a shutdown this week if the spending deal doesn’t contain a fix for the “Dreamers.” It is easy to blame Democrats for their shutdown theatrics, but these would have been harder to pull off if the congressional GOP had opened the year by showing an interest in the budget or had demonstrated a legislative agenda beyond a vague desire for something on infrastructure. When that infrastructure idea began to materialize, it was as a trillion-plus-dollar boondoggle. The Treasury predicts about $1 trillion in borrowing per year in 2018, 2019, and 2020; this is roughly double the borrowing last year. The increase is driven to some extent by reduced tax revenues following the GOP’s recent tax reforms. While defenders of the tax bill were not wrong in saying that reduced revenues could be offset by shrinking government spending, it seems, as skeptics argued at the time, that those cuts are unlikely to come about. In fact, across the board, the preference seems to be for more spending. The national debt is already over $20.5 trillion, a situation that rightly infuriated conservatives during the Obama years.


When will ANY political party have a REAL Audit of govt spending. I would estimate there’s close to 600 govt agencies that are taxpayer funded. How many of these could be cut or eliminated.
I know the odds of that happening are slim to none. I would have a better chance of winning both the Powerball and Mega Millions Lotteries in the same week.
Both parties have their Fiefdoms .We do have a spending problem ,not a funding problem.


Any government agency not listed in the US Constitution should be eliminated.


Rand Paul is holding up the budget from passing. I don’t know if he’s willing to hold out all the way and own the shutodwn, but at least for not it looks like it’s going that way.


The definition of insanity, continuing to send republicans and democrats to Washington and hoping for a different result.


It sucks that it has to threaten another damn shutdown, but RP’s objections are sound. There should be regular order with open debates and amendments, and the republicans are hypocrites for pounding Obama and democrats for eight years over debt and deficits, and then being willing to pass legislation that does the same. Democrats/Republicans, little difference in the end.


If Democrats want to shutdown the government again then let them. I’m not the one who needs government handouts to survive. These people are so quick to fuck their constituency in order to get more votes. I can’t wait until 2020 when Trump wipes the floor with those smug celebrity liberals and they all cry at the sky again.


White House instructs government agencies to prepare for shutdown.


As well he should.

Another pork filled budget compliments of the left and right.


I think it’s the fringe right of the Republican Party obstructing right now.


I’m hoping he sticks to his guns and makes then rework the budget. Someone has to say enough is enough.


What if it causes a shutdown???


If a shutdown occurs, the Senators should be locked in the Senate Room, food brought in, escorted to the bathroom by security guards and ALL cellphones confiscated until a budget is agreed upon.
Maybe a shutdown is needed to through to some people.


The definition of insanity is reading the same keystrokes over and over again and expecting you to actually add something of meaning to it…


Apparently you haven’t been paying attention to the events in the House.

You know the Nancy faction in the house,


SHUT DOWN BROUGHT TO US BY RAND PAUL. Rand Paul was opposing a bill that would add a trillion dollars a year to the deficit long into the future. As he correctly pointed out, the Republican Party is nothing but a party of hypocrites!!!


Who would have ever believed that the Republican Party would have been willing to spend SO MUCH MONEY during the eight years of the Obama administration. No one would have believed that republicans would pass such a bloated spending bill. But watch, watch the hypocritical partisans here, spin and defend.


Actually if you look at the performance of the republican leadership under Obama, you see exactly the same thing… capitulation. The Tea Party movement was a direct result of that understanding… and … by the way, the House Freedom Caucus is gaining numbers and they are raising awareness many Senators are holding the line but as I have explained to your rather indifferent ears… their are Republicans and then their are repubilcands

I don’t think you will find ANY democrats that turned down the largess but you will find 36 Republcans who said no…

Imagine showing up in the Yea list of 9 Republicans are none other the usual suspects:

Susan Collins (R-Maine)
John McCain (R-Ariz.)
Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)

Fine Democrats, each an every one of them…



The “shutdown” is over. President Trump has signed the spending bill that was approved by Congress.


You mean congress? Anyway, so are you ok for the Republican Party to be the the party of spend spend spend now that they’re in power. Does the hypocrisy that Rand Paul so correctly pointed out, not bother you at all?