Single payer and death panels


A baby is born with intense physical and developmental problems. Extensive treatment is necessary to preserve his life, but with an unsure likelihood of success. The doctors in charge refuse to treat him on the grounds that it will likely be unsuccessful and that the child is suffering. They remain inactive, despite pleas for the boy’s life. The law will not allow the parents to leave the hospital with their child or leave the country to seek alternative care

At the last moment, one doctor steps forward to attempt a life-saving treatment, but by then it is too late. The baby dies and the watching world is left to make sense of tragedy.

Where’s the left and their calls for the superior single payer system? Why are they so quiet on their calls for single payer?
Where’s the left, are they still laughing at the statement of death panels when they support death panels?
How does the left intend on prevent the travesty of Charlie Gard.
Why does the left get out raged at a pretend person being denied access to transform in the military and not be outrages a real person like Charlie Gard being denied access to healthcare?

Democrats are beyond broken.