SJWs: New Harry Potter Movie for Kids Is not Gay Enough

SJWs: New Harry Potter Movie for Kids Is not Gay Enough


It has emerged that some people are still obsessed with sexuality, rather than enjoying a good story about magic.

Despite more than a decade passing since the revelation that a fictional wizard took a bludger from his own team, social justice warriors are up in arms that The Crimes of Grindelwald will focus on grown men fighting with magic wands rather than homosexuality.

I am a major Potter Head. I have the tattoos to prove it; (although they are a work in progress that I plan to finish- I’m Slytherin and proud!) Now a positively ancient 23 years old, I started reading these books when I was 12- the same year that Dumbledore was outed, in fact. The Potter series were the first books I ever read cover to cover, start to finish, and just like many other Potter fans I was lost when I thought the series was over. What fictional world could compare to that of Harry Potter?

As it transpired it was naive to imagine that a cash-cow would remain unmilked for long. The Potterverse keeps expanding, with stage shows and fantastic beasts and so on. So far, so money. But wait, what hue and cry? There’s a new movie called The Crimes of Grindelwald and it won’t be two hours of Johnny Depp kissing Jude Law on the mouth?

Here we go again. There is no appeasing the SJW’s even when they are getting fan service movies made explicitly for them.

In an interview, Director David Yates stated Dumbledore’s sexuality would not be handled explicitly.

“But I think all the fans are aware of that. He had a very intense relationship with Grindelwald when they were young men. They fell in love with each other’s ideas, and ideology and each other.”

Oh David. That was a mistake. Of course this has many Potter fans outraged- many claiming the film is about ‘Dumbledore and his boyfriend who turned evil’ and therefore should be gayer.

In the book, Albus and Grindelwald became best friends as teenagers. Together they made plans to locate and secure all three Deathly Hallows and lead a wizard revolution to bring about the end of the international statute of secrecy- which, as of course you know, was the magic law that hides wizards from us muggles and our world. Alas, their friendship came to a tragic end after the two were involved in a three-way wand-fight with Albus’s Brother, Aberforth, that resulted in the death of their younger sister, Arianna. After the duel, Gellert left Britain. This is what we know from the Harry Potter novels, at least.

Rowling never mentioned them being in a relationship at all. You don’t have to be gay to be gay. It's fine to be a normal person that doesn't define your entire identity around what arouses you sexually. Even if the homosexual relationship was explicit, you can never be gay enough for some people.

In her novels, Rowling never mentioned Dumbledore’s sexuality. Never.

Rowling announced that Dumbledore was gay after a fan asked her if he “had ever loved anyone” at a Q&A in Carnegie Hall, 3 months after the final book had been published. She then continued to answer the fan’s question and said he had love Gellert Grindelwald, his childhood friend.

After the announcement, many fans were shocked, claiming they couldn’t see him that way. How did Rowling respond?

SJWs: New Harry Potter Movie for Kids Is not Gay Enough

For once, flawlessly. Rowling was put on the spot in a Q&A session about Dumbledore’s sexuality. Whether it was her intention to still be talking about the wandcraft of gay warlocks over a decade later, only she can say. It takes all sorts. Once the wizard was out of the closet, there was no going back- but his sexuality is fundamentally unimportant to any story he appears in. As mentioned before, his sexuality was never explicit in the novels. Does that mean he’s not gay? No. No it does not. Perhaps Mundungus Fletcher had a penchant for buggery, maybe Mr. Weasley is hung like a mouse’s ear. None of this matters to the tale in the slightest.

In Kevin Smith’s 1995 movie Mallrats the central character, Brodie, is obsessed with superhero genitalia.

“It's impossible. Lois could never have Superman's baby. Do you think her fallopian tubes could handle his sperm? I guarantee he blows a load like a shotgun right through her back.”

In the 22 years since that movie was released, society has come around to be as fixated with what fictional characters do with their sex organs. It is behavior worthy of the Catholic church, as the permanent Social Justice present is similarly devoid of comedy. Or nuance, for that matter.

There are plenty of Movies and stories where the romance is a subtext. After all, people pay money to watch things blow up with a side order of smooching. The original Star Wars trilogy, The original Ghostbusters, even Pixar’s Anastasia complies with this basic storytelling format. All these movies have romance but love is not the main focus of the story, in some of them it is barely even shown at all. A New Hope has a love triangle played out with a kiss on the cheek, a jealous glance and Han Solo being a jerk. It is perfect. If The Crimes of Grindelwald uses this storytelling technique, deploying something subtle showing what they had- if anything other than friendship- I would be completely fine with that. The storyline would work with a nod to a gay history, and just as easily without- because the story isn't about Wizard Gay Pride 1922, it's about two of the toughest wizards of all time going tête-à-tête. Even with this blatantly obvious fact spelled out, you can guarantee though that Yates, Rowling, and the stars Jude Law and Johnny Depp are walking into a social justice sh*tstorm.

Need we be reminded that this is still a movie for kids? While a lot of people my age and older will gladly enjoy it without the company of our little ones, a lot of young kids will still watch it. Perhaps I am a relic of the past, but is it not the case that parents decide when and how to educate their children about love and sex and the different forms it takes- not Hollywood?

Although this whole affair is the fault of Rowling for chumming the waters with the gay wizards revelation in the first place, she has at least handled the resulting mess in the correct manner. It doesn’t matter about Dumbledore’s sexuality in the context of a movie about fighting with magic. Fantasy stories fare very poorly with the addition of moralizing messages of leftist politics. As we saw with the Last Jedi, pandering to Social Justice instead of making a good movie never works. Ever.

I’m as much as a Potter fan as any- all I want is a solid movie that tells the story with the minimum of pandering fan-service. They have already changed so much. All I want is to see this part of wizarding history accurately portrayed. This is the story leading up to one of the greatest fights in the Potterverse.

SJWs: New Harry Potter Movie for Kids Is not Gay Enough

It’s simply not a love story. Please, for the sake of movies, stop shoe-horning socio-political agendas into them- and that goes to both movie makers and goers alike. If nothing else let this be a lesson in speaking carefully. Rowling had an off-the-cuff remark that she thought would gain her a few wokeness points in 2007, and here we are today- still picking up the pieces, and still watching the identity politics chimera run amok.

Can't we just hope the movie doesn't suck?

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Leftists seem to be unable to separate fictions from realities


The never ending parade of faggots by Hollywood is only hurting them.


Well… you know what they say in Hollywood… Straight Outta Compton is just a reflection of the society we live in…


That’s the point. Cultural Marxists push the boundaries of what’s considered to be acceptable by society towards the unacceptable. That’s why there is a trans population explosion occuring amongst adolescents. Scientifically, this is not possible as the underlying mental disorder that results in trans behavior is very rare. When you see an agenda like this being pushed it’s for a very specific reason…subversion.


“Textbooks and instructional materials must positively promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans as role models,” said the statement.

It also notes that “children as young as kindergarten must be taught to admire persons who engage in homosexuality, same-sex marriages, bisexuality, and transsexuality (cross-dressing and sex-change operations).”

That is unfortunately… the point.


I used to consider myself an avid film buff. I was so into the art of film making that I would read books and write blog posts on things like cinematography and scoring, just for fun. I also was very active on Rotten Tomatoes back in the day and many of my reviews are still top ranked.

I barely watch movies anymore. Even the majority of indie films have a social or political message that completely ruins the storyline. I began noticing the intentional shift towards social and political issues back in the 90s but it wasn’t overt enough to destroy the story. I always just thought about it as a way for the writers and directors to relate the story to the audience and show future audiences what life was like in a time before their own. When done right, I think that’s valuable. Casablanca did this perfectly.

Now it’s done for no other reason than to just do it and it’s destroying film. Tokenism doesn’t make the movie. The suspension of belief does and the best way to suspend belief is to avoid overtly sending a message that is political or social in nature.


It’s all about reinforcement of the message. They have an agenda they want to get out there and they use Hollywood as a giant communications machine to do it. Then all the sheep who can’t think for themselves watch and repeat.


I thought all the characters in Harry Potter were already gay? What’s the problem?


Casablanca is the greatest movie of all time and if you don’t know all the words to La Marseillaise I’ll sock you in the mouth



Hollywood is totally irredeemable at this point. The only thing keeping it alive are SJW comic book movies and Star Wars.

Hollywood used to be about things people actually cared about but now it’s just a total SJW pandering fest. Most SJWs aren’t interested in watching anything beyond extreme virtue signalling and other ethnic groups prefer movies from their homelands so Hollywood is totally alienating it’s audience.

Let Hollywood implode upon themselves.

What we need to do is work out how to fund and make our own white centric movies again without the SJWs.


What Potter fans really need is to be shown the respect of having the story line concluded. Harry fought Voldemort; Harry won; Harry goes on to live a normal life. THE END! No more milking the franchise’s fan base of every last shekel with endless prequels/sequels.