So... About Collusion. What Did John Kerry Know And When Did He Know It?


Of course that’s not an authoritative statement, not being the one conducting the investigation.


I think if Obama found himself facing calls for his assassination, people burning campuses because the didn’t want to here what people who supported him think and was maligned as trump was for dealing with 3 Major natural disasters at once while being hounded by a special prosecutor looking into his ACTUAL communist and Muslim bonifieds… he wouldn’t have enough decks to throw out that many cards. I think Trump is handling the pressure just fine… you just don’t like the way he counter punches…


Any evidence of that will be the last shoe to drop. Also, that’s not the only crimes that Mueller is investigating.


Yet you and yours have treated this administration as guilty from the start. Its ok to admit that even if he is found to be squeaky clean, you will still continue to dog the duly elected president of this country and you will still give him no credit for his accomplishments… that no doubt is because you are part of the butthurt #resist movement and of course anything that moves away from the globalist one world utopia is objectionable to the ‘enlightened ones’…


None of Muellers indictments point towards anything like that.


It does if Obama and his henchmen and women gave them a pass for political purposes…


Trumps woes are bigger than that. Remember what Bannon said. Also, Muellers letter of commission is not limited to that. It’s pretty wide open. It’s one page, an easy read. I’m surprised so many of you have elected not to look at it, shrug.


So open in fact that one wonders what actual purpose of the special council was in the first place… I thought it was about Russia but we can clearly see that Mueller’s deviation into Kirchner’s business in China that it actually has nothing to do with Russia or the election or even collusion… it looks like a well orchestrated plan to scuttle ANY administration and the people who support it that deviates from the NWO direction of the puppet masters … and of course they have no limit on the minions who willfully press their narrative…


True enough, and Kushner is in BIG financial trouble and is working with people on US matters who could benefit him personally, so blackmail is no doubt one of the things Mueller is looking for. This is far from over, in fact another show dropped this morning.