So I ask.. Was America ever great?


and the answer seems to be

Yes and no

I’ll go with No first. It has never been seriously great bc there has always been… well, human beings.

I need not continue on with excess verbiage… nuf said

But it is the Yes answer that is worth talking about

Yes, we once were great because… of at least this one thing:

Do you remember in the 50s or 60s or even early 70s… having school shootings, church shootings on a nearly monthly basis?


America use to have morality, and now we don’t as much.

At least the people with money, and the millions of people who want to be exactly like those people. You know celebrities, Sports stars, Hollywood, Liberal Media, politicians.

These people are suppose to be setting a good example for the rest of us, because they have a moral obligation to do so, but they don’t, because most of them are Liberals, and could care less. lol.

We use to make a lot more things in America, and most politicians just sold us out for years and years and years. Trump is bringing jobs back into America.


I think it depends on which way? Financially, socially, etc.

I believe the best time for the U.S. economically speaking was during the 1950’s, just after WWII. Eisenhower was president, the country was still riding the momentum it had gained from selling products for the war. The value of the U.S. currency was at an all-time high.

Part of why we are where we are today is because society has gone to crap, and people aren’t raising their children right. They are not teaching them the values of respect for themselves or for others, not teaching them how to be both strong and vulnerable, they’re being neglectful in general by leaving the government to raise their children, and abuse is rampant. This is one reason why mental health in the U.S. is on the decline. This is why we are getting such toxic people and situations such as mass shooters. Narcissism is on the rise. Why can’t we be like Japan and teach respect, dignity, and honesty early on in life?


I hope we never get another politician for president in this country again…

people don’t like Trump’s tweets, say he is unpresidential and blah blah blah

I like the tweets. I like presidents keeping us apprised of what is going on… in the Oval Office and in the country and in the world… through his/her eyes… I am sick of naysayers complaining about trivial things like his tweets. I mean Get a life or something


well said… now maybe Japan takes it to the o ther extreme… a lot of Japanese college students end their lives when they can’t keep up academically… so i have heard… or heard as of yrs ago… not sure Japan has corrected that problem or what… but good grief… America is a bunch of crazies these days… and wimps…

I say Crazies because… How can a sick society produce healthy people, people who do not have certifiable mental illness? But we need to focus on the moral stuff, not just the mental…

I don’t like to give mentally ill people a bad name bc … well, a lot of murderers are found to be “sane” so…


America was and is the greatest country on Earth. But after 8 years of that Kenyan Socialist in the WH, he pushed an agenda of multiculturalism and flooded America with the third world. That clash of cultures is eating away at America. In order to Make America Great Again we need to eliminate multiculturalism.


The liberal media hates Trump, because he simply says what a lot of Americans are thinking, but either can’t say(because they have a family and a job, and don’t want to get fired), or don’t have the ba*** to say.

He’s not politically correct, and neither am I. lol. But Americans are sick and tired of tiptoeing on shells, constantly being blamed of being sexist, or racist, or whatever other ists or phobics are out there. lol. It’s not Republicans being any of those things. It’s simply one of the only strategic tatics that the Liberal Democrats have left. lol. If they win in the mid-term elections, things overall in this country will keep trending more and more worse, both morally and ethically, as well as political correctness wise.


Of course, not all mentally ill people are violent (I’m mentally ill myself and I’m not violent). But it is one reason that we have control over.


At one time children use to address neighbors as Mr, Mrs., Teachers as Miss, Mrs, Mr.

That is no longer done.

Parents taught children RESPECT.

Children were taught respect for their country.

If a child were caught in a lie, they were quickly reminded why they did not lie.


we need to get rid of this citizenship-through-birth thing (illegals having children in the US)


i PRAY that we have another 2016 type election… you know, everyone thinks the Ds are going to win but they don’t and then the Ds start crying… LOL

sorry… guess that’s bad when you laugh at people crying…

but if they were crying over their cat getting run over, I wouldn’t laugh… nope, definitely wouldn’t…

Trump-like people win the House… and Dems cry…?

I am going to laugh my ** off…


don’t feel bad. All Americans are mentally ill…

we had 8 yrs of ------------------------------


nowadays, a kid responds to a teacher, who, say, tells said kid to write: I will not throw the eraser at Bob anymore 20 times


No way! I’ll write it once and that’s it. I might end up with grave psychological issues if i have to do it 2 0 times.


I know that with all of the harassment that the Dems condone that, they want us to play into their hands and fight back, and I know we shouldn’t. But if we did, this is what it would look like. lol.



A country is defined as great or desirable if people want to emigrate here.

Except for tropical islands, which country is the most desirable country to relocate?

America… why?

Every musician of all genres want to make it in America
Every sport except for Soccer, they want to make it in America.
Actors want to act in Hollywood or New york for the Stage.
Financiers want to work on Wall Street if they can.

Techies want to work in Silicon Valley
Even criminals want to make it big in America.

Our politicians are world famous, you can go to any country in the world, they all can name the last 5 Presidents of the United States including the Vice President.

People are trying to sneak into America , nobody is leaving or very few want to leave, I wish a lot of Hollywood A listers would leave and live in England where multiculturalism is now a way of life, like what George Clooney did

Oh wait , Clooney came back to America, I guess the over populations of Muslims/economic migrants had nothing do with it right?



thanks for a good laugh… :slight_smile:


I am sure Mr Cloony, should you ask him why he left, would be entirely honest


A Hollywood A lister liberal supporter honest? good luck on finding one.

He left America for the UK and now he is back.
Many A listers threatened to leave America when Trump was elected, and funny thing many of them stayed

I wonder why?


because the taxes were too high


2 high because no Trump-like figure in charge…


When our interstate highway system and most of our airports and ports were built Eisenhower had a top tax rate over 90% for our wealthiest citizens and we had no national debt.