So I ask.. Was America ever great?


@61falcon, and nobody paid those rates
you fail to mention that, with all the deductions and loopholes nobody paid them

and yes we had a national debt because of FDR new deal programs .

nice try .




Yes. We were great for different people at different times. Never everyone all at the same time. And never for all aspects of life at the same time. This is the thing that progs fail to understand. For example, if one says “well the 50s were great because people had to work for what they got” , progs will say “oh, so I bet you liked that Emmett Till lynching of 1955”.


A shame you cannot get away from the headline.

Few wealthy paid more than 50% after deductions. The amazing almost everyone paid Federal Income taxes. Only the very poor were exempt. Today 50% of people working pay no federal income tax.



and Rs need to educate anyone they can as to how bizarre the “democrats” are these days… most of them being socialist not democrat…

we need to teach people about Venezuela bc that is a perfect example of what socialism leads to… I don’t think many Rs are out there trying to actually DO something about … things


Today’s republicans are just as bad as the Democraps, too many weak republicans in Congress.

At least McCain is gone, Flake and a few of his cronies are on the way out.

If America is going to prosper we need more hard nose republicans who actually cares about America vs the Democraps who only care about keeping power by catering to the so called “oppressed” groups.

It’s funny , the Democraps wants equality for all, even if it tramples on the rights of the majority

Do they want another “european union” because we know how successful the E.U is right? no wonder the UK voted to exit and Italy, Spain and even Greece is considering leaving.


i didn’t know those countries were considering leaving…

It would be nice to think globalism is dead or dying


I dont care much for globalism, but Im for globalization .


i dont like the sounds of either one


Dont take this as an attack, but you dont seem to know the difference

Globalism is when people who want global governance like the UN and the EU actually promulgating regulations on people they don’t govern.

Globalization produces free trade because most of us want to pay less for products produced and if countries are competing that is good for the consumer .

Just a side note, why free trade is good? its has shown it prevents wars between trading partners.


I actually knew all this

I guess what I meant by both of them not sounding good is that the 2 can be confused… conflated

not in my mind or yours but … OK, i guess i have this thing for always thinking how the low info folk “think” or pretend to think or what have you… I think that is a good way to be bc, you know… there are many young people and they do (unfortunately, it seems) have a right to vote… they hear the word Socialism and it sounds like a good thing and off they go to vote for it… OMG

so anyhow… where the heck was I?


most young people are ignorant , most of them haven’t traveled outside their country let alone their state.

I wished the USSR still existed and they could see what that country did to prevent people from leaving the USSR.

They take things for granted here, I have a neighbor a few door down who used to live in the USSR as a teenageer and young adult

He shared with us some stories that blew my mind, like his father who was a manager in a factory waited 5 years to get their first car, the average citizen waited 9 years to buy a car.

And when they bought their first car they couldn’t park it on the street, they rented a garage some 20 miles away, so they took a bus to get to their car and drove it and they didn’t drive it in the winter because winter tires were hard to come buy which explain why there was a black market on tire repairs, and dont ask about taking the car to a mechanic.

Socialism or particularly Russian socialism, was a horrible system

I wish these millennials would travel to China and visit a tier 4 or 5 city of course only in the daytime you don’t want to be caught there at night, gives you a good example of what socialism did

Or Visit Laos, Vietnam, or better yet North Korea.

Of course they will tell you that life in the Scandinavian countries are the best, okay ? Sweden is a mess, Finland is strict and they are not friendly towards foreigners unless you have an American or British Accent as they call it.

Socialism for you.


well, i hope all people over the age of about 35 will read this and take it upon themselves to educate any young person they run into… because this is an incredibly important issue, obviously… We don’t want to lose the US as other people have lost to socialism…

the USSR was communist, though…

the scary thing is that socialism leads to communism… doesn’t it? I mean, maybe not always… Finland? I don’t know much about that country… or frankly any other, save some of the history


The problem is are trade today isn’t free. Look at the tariffs i place before the US tariffs were enacted.

What we should have to balance the equation is fair trade. Imports=exports and quarterly tariffs added when it’s out of balance.

The trade deficit is equally as bad os our spending deficit. In one case foreign countries buy our debt with serious implications. In the other case foreign countries buy US companies, buy properties and businesses in the US.

What could possibly go wrong on both fronts.


ok, could you please explain “other countries buy our debt…” they buy stocks?


My error in not picking it up, Im so used to saying “free trade” when it isnt “free trade” its actually “trade”

Yes there isnt free trade or even fair trade, just trade with tariffs and conditions


They buy Treasuries in China’s case over 1trllion in US treasuries compliments of the US consumer


We rank 41st in the world in terms of home ownership with Russia,China and India among others being ahead of us.


I’ve always been leery of doing too much business w/ the Chinese, but it does give leverage (trade does) to avoid wars


your point is what? do you even know or understand why Romania, China, Russia have higher homeownership?

I will give you a quarter and you can buy yourself a clue

Except for India, the remaining 9 were former Soviet or Communist bloc countries and what do you think happened after the fall of Communism?