So I ask.. Was America ever great?


You bet we shipped jobs overseas. The Chinese government built their middle class on US jobs and workers in the US got low paying replacement jobs. Cheap junk, lower paying jobs, seems fair to me, LOL.



The Former USSR was not a communist country, they were a marxist -leninist country practicing Soviet Socialism, they believed that there system was the bridge to communism,yes they did change their name from the bolshevik party to the communist party.

We in the west called them “communists” .


At various times in our history America was great
We weren’t as great when Emperor BHO the 1st went on his world wide apology tour begging for America’s forgiveness and kissing the ring (and other parts) of Muslim Leaders .
Thanks to King Donald the 1st, America’s greatness has been restored , almost like a Renaissance. We are now respected ( maybe not liked) by world leaders again . :us:


Yes, there were school shootings back then, just fewer of them, which makes sense, because there were also a lot less people living here.


Today we have instant news. Anything happens worth a headline and we see it instantly with cable and with the internet. Throw in the bias of the media outlets and you get instant polarization.


Anyone who thinks that America has not always been great is ignorant of history. In a world of Kings and Czars and absolute rulers was born a nation where free men governed themselves and light out the rights of its citizens. It was an insane idea put forth by great men of vision, and thank God Almighty for them.

Knowing that too much radical change could cause that collapse of their effort, some failings of the day (slavery) were allowed to temporarily stand, but the mechanism for their eradication (the Constitution) was put in place for future enlightened generations to establish.

America was the light to the world lit by the hand of God. This is why it is now in danger from the forces of evil from within,Liberals, Democrats and Socialists. The light can be so easily extinguished by a single generation that loses site of what America is.

(I actually wrote this myself in a flash of a morning epiphany.)


So I ask… Was America ever great?

I think the answer depends on who you ask. Greatness is measured differently by different people. Michelle Obama never thought much of America until her husband was elected president. I’m almost certain her measurement of great was based on selfish reasons.

I don’t think you could convince someone that is 18 that America was greater in the 50’s. They just would not understand. But someone that lived in the 50’s would probably think differently.


Well I was around for the late sixties and seventies and I wouldn’t call that better than today by any stretch of the imagination. Even then if was darn near a police state in terms of any dissent of the status quo being met with violence. I am pretty sure it was even worse in the fifties. And I would rather have to listen to the kooky left than live under that kind of oppression. You could get your ass kicked for having long hair when I was growing up. So sure, it might have been better if you were a member of the conformist majority but not so much for anyone else.

And yeah some people will say, but you could make a good living on a single income, to which I answer, not by today’s standards you couldn’t. One of the neighborhoods I grew up in with a father who worked for GM is a slum, section eight housing, today. The houses are in good repair for the most part, they’re just so far below today’s standards that they aren’t worth much. They were maybe 1,000 sq feet for a family of six. We had one car and of course no cable, internet, cell phone or even air conditioning. If those were the good old days, I’ll pass.


I grew up in the late 60’s and 70’s in a middle class family. We never had AC until I was 18 and color TV never came into our house until I was 15. You know what? It never bothered me in the least. Even looking back now it was no big deal.

We lived in the country. Back then you didn’t have to drive too far out of the city to be in a country setting. I had a blast growing up. Baseball, hunting, loved school. Life was much simpler, very few TV shows to watch, no cell phones, no internet.

In high school I had long hair, wore Levies and Converse. I was the only one on the baseball team with long hair and never hung around with jocks. I ran with the car crowd. But the team never cared as long as I caught and hit the ball.

So, maybe it also depends where you grew up?


It is about perspective isn’t it.

Great? Government, poor at best as out politicians now reflect the divisiveness in our government. Our government workers have become polarized, the FBI, IRS, EPA etc.

Great compared to the rest of the world, absolutely. There are few places that still allow a person to be a nobody change their lives and become whatever they chose. Freedom, although our government has stepped on our freedoms by their actions we still are a beacon of freedom in the world.

Were times better in the past, absolutely as with political change comes change in greatness. The left would claim this nation was never greater than under Obama while it was a low point in greatness to others. The same applies to the Trump years in reverse.


ok, I am rather confused (except that whatever you call the USSR, we are glad it is gone)

btw: could u tell me how to grab a person’s handle to put into a post as u did here w/ mine…


myabe it is just copy/paste?


yes, that is so, and a good reminder that we should try always to meet people where they are, and not assume they know waht we ourselves know… I find that is almost a daily challenge… but anyhow

Ms Obama is Black and as such, she obviously saw a different country than someone raised in a White middle class home. But still, if she couldn’t see at least America trying to be great… she was blind…


Mrs Obama is black and so what? she saw a different country is somewhat true, yet she took responsibility got an education and became a lawyer.

Ben Carson was raised by a single mom and look what he accomplished

Colin Powell started from humble beginnings and ended up Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, secretary of state among his accomplishment.

Even Oprah rose from less than humble beginnings to be a billionaire.

So tell me again how America isn’t or wasn’t great?

Truth is America has her flaws and history but the overall picture is its better here than a place like Central America, Africa or most European countries .


thanks for the info, which I already knew (except the stuff about Powell) but others need to know it… but other than that, you are basically saying what I said… I am not saying Ms Obama should get a total pass or anything. I mean, definitely she could have worded things WAY better… but that’s another thing I have learned about human beings… they don’t always word things as they should and we should remember that


Ms.Obama among others are hypocrites, they know that if they lived elsewhere the chances of them succeeding is very slim.

I dont know if she thinks playing the victim card will get her sympathy and overlook her life, because she has accomplished a lot or is she embarrassed of her success?


she may have been a beneficiary of affirmative action… I seem to vaguely recall reading that she was but i wouldn’t swear to it

in any case… as to hypocrisy… EVERYONE is a hypocrite. I have been living a Christian life for years and I still find hypocrisy within (and/or apparent hypocrisy)… it does not go away without a fight… lol… Maybe it doesn’t go away Period… but anyhow… where the heck was I?



Outside of South Africa, how successful would black liberals ( Oprah , M. Obama etc.) be. Dr. Ben Carson and Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas( blacj conservatives ) became successful inspite of racial policies.
America is great for the opportunities available to those who want to put in the hard work necessary. Our one of a kind Constitution provides rights not given in other countries. Why wouldn’t anyone want to come here despite our societal flaws.


well, America’s morals or lack thereof (i should say) would give some pause

but i don’t suppose t he morals anywhere else in the world are much better…


There is no perfect society, there is no Utopia.

Despite her flaws America is still the country with the most freedoms and opportunities.


i was always taught that but I began to question my parents as all do…

I would have to visit other countries to be able to say I agree with you… and I can’t at this time afford that… no tengo mas dinero