So I ask.. Was America ever great?


Take if from a person that has visited over 20 countries.

All unique in their own ways, I love the UK, but it turning into a cesspool well London is, Manchester and Liverpool and south England still has the English Charm.

Berlin Germany is a cesspool, but towns like Bavaria still has German traditions, which is what I want to see , even though it’s a nice place America is still better.

When you visit Europe, Asia and even some on South America you can see the differences and only then you can appreciate what America is all about.


so please tell some of the most interesting differences

please start with Germany where some of my ancestors are from


Another time perhaps, Ive been to Berlin, Bavaria and my favorite Germany city Frankfurt, loved the waterfront, people friendly zones , the Main tower, the restaurants on what they call “the feeding street” I dont know the German word for it

Kleinmarkthalle the best little market place to get some real German food.

Its such a beautiful city Frankfurt even though its multicultural at least most of them attempt to speak German unlike the radicals in Berlin and Munich


thanks. I wonder if my grandfather was ever made a citizen… but thank God he came to the US, whatever his reasons… too bad there is so little communication in that “family” or I would know more


I too travel quite a bit and honestly, feel a greater sense of freedom elsewhere. The US is verging on a police state at this point. If you don’t believe it, compare the percentage of our own people we keep in prison to other developed countries. It’s really strange to be in another country and see teens wandering the streets with a bottle of wine or smoking weed in the town square, both of which I saw more than once on my last trip to Italy.


LOL… that is strange

and i had forgotten about that stat, about the US incarcerating more people than just about anywhere else

but then, a society that has loose morals… doesn’t really respect law and order… maybe that is actually a good thing, having an “excess” of lawless folks behind bars.


So we’re the best country but our people are the most lawless?


That is true Zantax, but I was referring to more economic freedoms , it is true when I was Amsterdam the people freely smoking pot, or even when I was Frankfurt seeing where the legal brothels are.

In the UK they are not uptight about nudity, they had a paper there Called the Sun where you can see topless calender girls on page 3, Ive heard they’ve eliminated that page now, but yes some countries are more freer in certain things.

As in for the Prison stats, we do incarcerate more, thanks to insane liberal/leftist policies.


We have slipped pretty far down the economic freedom list as well.

Number 18, which is better than it was before Trump took over at least.


But yeah, totally different thing going on in Europe. Their towns and cities come alive at night with the people pretty much having non-stop parties in the streets at night. Here everyone is afraid to leave the house at night for fear of ending up in jail. Never understood that whole land of the free thing, I just don’t see it, more like land of the over-regulated and over policed.


America, despite its warts, has always been and still is great, well… because of exceptional human beings.

However, there are those that don’t believe in exceptionalism. Their favorite color is…grey.

If you want to be grey then that is the right many have fought and died for you to have.

I don’t want to be grey. Will you fight to make sure that is the only choice I have?


I have found exceptional human beings everywhere on this planet, the US doesn’t have a monopoly on it. What we have, kind of now, but more in the past, than now, was an exceptional economic system that rewarded hard work and innovation. People are people.


My first relative came here in 1645 and made his first home in VA. He came alone. I often wonder what he was thinking when he made that long grueling trip across the Atlantic. I do know he was granted land in VA and went on to raise a rather large family. Later generations took up arms against the British in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

The second group of relatives came to America shortly before Hitler took control of Germany. Most of them were Jews.

Lastly my Grandfather and his brother came here from Greece in 1920 and later their sister came over. They all lived on the Greece Albania border. It was a time of constant battles so their parents made plans for them to leave. At the ages of 20 and 19 they walked across Europe to England then to America.

I used Ancestry to test my DNA. Best money I ever spent. It gave me a whole new perspective.


i never said we were the best… and if we are, i pity those who are so best…


they walked from England to America??? :open_mouth:

i thought only Jesus could do that (and St Peter until his faith failed)

anyhow… that was interesting. My family were a bunch of criminals… LOL… just kidding…

Some of them kind of seem like it now, though… long story… I would like to do the DNA thing myself but i feel u/comfrotable giving anyone such… don’t you?


So you disagreed with Trump’s original tarrifs on aluminum and steel?


I disagree with Tariffs period.


Right. That is the old timey conservative position.


Its an economic position, tariffs have never been a good idea nor has it accomplished anything long term, even Adam Smith understood that.


That is the crux of your misunderstanding; you considered it to be strictly an economic issue. You probably did not even think of the phrase “national security” when I brought up tarrifs a minute ago.