So, What Would Your 'Social Credit' Score Be


And How Compliant To The State Would You Be So That You Were…‘Acceptable’?

Inside China’s Vast New Experiment in Social Ranking

(Very Long Article… Profound Implications)


I 'm certain what we buy and where we go says a lot about us . Today’s technology can predict ALL your preferences with a minimum amount of data , scary indeed !


Wait until all of that data from your various accounts, cards and contracts gets rolled into the next NDAA… and you have to beg some new administrative agency for a score bump allowing you to move…


The State Council has signaled that under the national social credit system people will be penalized for the crime of spreading online rumors, among other offenses, and that those deemed “seriously untrustworthy” can expect to receive substandard services.

The Chinese government determines what those alleged rumors are and punishes your credit score accordingly. Shouldn’t there be a billion pissed off Chinese people right now?


Search engines like Google and others already tracks every move, One can see exact movements on any given day – what you purchased ,balances on credit cards , etc , and it can tell if you were driving, catching public transport or even walking. No more secrets !! :astonished:


Nothing new! The NSA does the same thing.