Social Media: The New Mob Mentality?


They incite hate as they comment, troll and bully through careless words and ignorant opinions. They say things, mean things, things that they would never have the courage to say to another human in person. Hiding behind keyboards and touch-screens, their anonymity inflates their egos and any sense of self or accountability slips away between ones and zeros.

It’s been clear for many years that being part of a group makes us behave differently to how we behave alone. But, how has the internet changed this? We now have giant, global, virtual mobs which have totally changed the social psychology landscape. There’s now a new mob mentality arising.

The internet has created virtual mobs where all sense of social responsibility is absent. It’s now so easy to comment on something, attack a person or group, or be influenced by mob ideals. I believe that when most people write comments, tweet or post something that attacks another person online, they actually don’t feel as though they’re talking to a person. The virtual nature of communication weakens their sense of self and their social responsibility which impacts their respect for others feelings.


Social media is full of hate. A lot of slander without solutions to real problems we actually face. We are to ignore this and watch over our nation and be the head of our house. I can’t look back just ahead. The bible says a man without a vision will perish. Hate is not a vision it’s destruction.


So many people I know are completely avoiding social media. No one in my circle of friends and family posts on Facebook much anymore. The people that I know that still use Twitter are like me. They don’t post anything they just read the news feeds. Twitter is good for monitoring breaking news. I’ll give them that. As a social network, it’s more toxic than Facebook.

I do use Snapchat a lot but only with close friends.


On sites like facebook it’s hard to be anon. I’m fed with all of the older folks who use social media who are supposed to be leaders, teachers, and mentors but for whatever reason just focus on ‘positive’ stuff, like posting pics of puppies, and flowers, and don’t have the courage to call a spade a spade, but will occasionally will have the courage to criticize younger generations for not being as good as them while failing to realize that they were the one who created the problems the younger generations are now left to deal with. On the big social media platforms though generally no one wants to make waves.


That’s why you should only use Facebook as a tool to spread information. Don’t actually use their services or willingly give them your data. The mob mentality that OP talks about are usually just bots spamming shitposts to anything remotely right wing, then there are the morons that think the bots are real who pile on and do the same thing.

Sites like this one are good as a base to get and share information and connect with other people privately. Doing that on Facebook or Twitter for real will get your real name and identity exposed and get your life ruined.


Many those old folks have seen real change in their life times and can see the virtue or positive thinking !
Starting in the late fifty’s with civil rights and then a man on the moon the Vietnam war a Presidents and a civil rights leader assassination the anti war movement the Weathermen The United Federated Forces of the Symbionese Liberation Army . Riots I mean city’s burning and citizens dying riots Janet Reno David Koresh and Branch Davidians Randy Weave at Ruby Ridge free trade the abandoning of Americas working class by manufactures aided by a corrupted government in short we have seen a boat load of shit in our life and would like to smile once in a while .
I can only speak for myself but I expect my children and grand children to do much better then me !


Social media has been an arena for trolls , bullies and cowards who cant possibly talk to others in a person to person setting . Most just love to get a rise out of making others pissed off .