Socialism being defeated all over the earth


"From Dutch EU-skeptics to Italy’s 5 Star Movement, the rebels say control of people’s lives has been given to elites, technocrats and courts, leaving voters with limited choices. They promise to return power to ordinary people.

Similar frustrations have powered antiestablishment backlashes elsewhere in the world, including the populist wave that helped carry Donald Trump into the White House."

The parallels with what is happening in America are amazing. The swamp is being drained in many places.



In a matter of time they will regret bowing to socialism. It has never worked anywhere.


:roll_eyes: It’s far older than capitalism.


Socialism isn’t a bad thing. Everyone is allowed to reach for whatever they’d like in socialism too. In fact, they are far more free to do so, not having to worry about basic necessities. You know that humans, when their needs are provided for, actively seek out work and to help the community right? The only exceptions are those with depression, and those taught from a young age to act otherwise. Both can very easily be fixed with counseling, or in the case of depression, widely available medicines.

Our current capitalist society could feed everyone, but doesn’t. Either A) This is good because people should starve or B) Socialism (of which many types guarantee the above can not happen) is better.


Socialism tries to make economies predictable - but stifles innovation and economic growth in the process.


Socialism begins with the French Revolution of 1789.

Capitalism has an absolute latest starting point with Smith’s Wealth of Nations in 1776, but that itself was the observations of what was happening at the time. The first modern economy as we understand a capitalist model was the Hapsburg Netherlands which by 1600 had:

  • Reasonably pervasive and free markets for both commodities and factors of production
  • An agricultural productivity sufficient to sustain a far-reaching division of labor
  • A political structure that guaranteed property rights, enforcement of contracts, and freedom of movement
  • A level of technology and organization capable of sustained economic development and of supporting a material culture that could sustain market-oriented consumer behavior

Let me guess, you think that aborigines are socialists.


Wrong. False equivalence.

Socialism doesn’t feed everyone and never has because it is so inefficient. Only when there is no need for resources can socialism work as without the friction of competition the economy stagnates, withers, and people starve anyway. You make a moral argument when you should be talking economics- whose capitalist society do you refer to? America? Why on Earth should the US, or any prosperous nation for that matter, harm the well-being of their own people for the sake of feeding others?

This sounds harsh, but lets look at the practicalities. models show that in any crisis scenario where people require food aid, there are warlords, warbands, and starving people. What is your solution, oh great and powerful President of the USA? Increase the food aid to such a point where the land is saturated, removing the need for competition- somehow? The warlords will merely stockpile, as we see in Somalia.

Your other option is to literally conquer the country with military force -you can dress it up as a police action if you like, but it turns invariably into an occupation. Now you have thousands of your citizens- soldiers- on the ground protecting food supplies. The locals see you as invaders supporting the military junta that rules and persecutes their minority ethnic group, and start killing the troops if they can. This leads to you facing down a political rebellion at home as well as international outcry as your troops -who entered the country to safeguard food- shoot some locals after mistaking them for a warband.

Maybe your solution is to just pump money into NGOs to do it for you, in which case I refer you to the point about the inefficiency of food aid. Or, you can make the whole planet socialist so everyone has the same outcome regardless of their ability, location or desire. Well done, you have imposed a totalitarian regime on Humanity, I do hope you didn’t have to genocide too many people for wrong think.

You cannot make such claims as “socialism is better than capitalism because capitalist nations don’t spend enough money to feed starving people in other countries.” All you are saying is that capitalism is not perfect and cannot fix all problems, so, therefore, the system that leads people in formerly wealthy nations to beat cows to death with rocks should be given another try (though of course when it fails, it’s not real socialism).


So… Which one of Bernie’s deodorants would you use… Type A… or would you like Type B? Socialism cannot help but strangle innovation as it controls the resource and means of production and therefore the ideas to which it is put. It defies changes in those things produces and less inclined to seek innovation because at the end of the day their is little incentive to do so and the state will only fund innovation that IT likes… When that man/woman at the top is happy… you WILL be happy too. Ask some of the many people who left the Soviet block when they had a chance… Their is Socialism… and your dream version of socialism… never forget that while capitalism deals with the nature of man in a way that you don’t particularly like… the nature of man does not go away just because you centralize its authority.


No surprise that you wouldn’t.


Venezuela is the perfect case study going on right before our eyes. Those who take a small amount of their day to read and learn will benefit and expand their knowledge.

One question, why haven’t Bernie Sanders and our other renowned socialists headed South and helped Maduro? I suppose it is easier to be a Socialist in Vermont and Hollywood.


You’re literally just parroting what Marx & Engels wished into existence. You don’t hold an ideology by operating in ways ideologues claim as their own.

Did you ask an aborigine if the Kulaks deserved it?


The socialists in Venezuela have called for an election. Let me guess, the opposition leaders will either be in jail, dead, or happen to be out of the country.


"In 1980 the communist-terrorist insurgency known as the Shining Path won support among the poor indigenous people of Peru by enforcing primitive property rights at the point of a gun. We first collaborated in 1990 when Peru sought American assistance to replace the gun with the rule of law by officially recognizing that the indigenous Peruvians’ primitive property records were legal proof of ownership. At that point the Shining Path controlled 60% of Peru’s territory, and the RAND Corp. was predicting that Lima would fall as early as 1992.

One of us— Phil Gramm, then a U.S. senator—helped obtain funding for the ILD’s property-registration effort, and ultimately for the formation of an alliance between Peru’s army and the farmers and miners who were eager to fight for their newly won property rights. By providing these indigenous people with formal proof of property ownership, property-rights registration reached through their wallets and touched their hearts and minds. With a conviction that comes only from defending your own property, indigenous Peruvians overwhelmed the communist terrorists.

Shining Path leaders surrendered, opting for the safety of prison over the wrath of Peru’s indigenous poor. The terrorists’ commander, Abimael Guzmán, specifically blamed the property rights “conceived and implemented by Hernando de Soto” and his American supporters for Shining Path’s defeat. The U.S. has never won a war against communism or terrorism with so little blood and treasure, but of course we have seldom had an ally like private property rights on our side."


Communism on full display.


It has never worked for anybody except Norway,Sweden,Denmark,Finland and a few of the other HAPPIEST COUNTRIES I(N THE WORLD???


I don’t know if anyone can say that Sweden is among the happiest countries in the world. They sure have a lot of rapes and no-go zones for the police. Sounds more like Somalia than Sweden. Not a happy place.


Sweden is in the top 10 happiest countries in the world while we are at number 18 and falling.


Yet it still has not worked well…anywhere.

But just try to convince young Democrat Party members of this FACT!