Some History on an Old Argument


When the range officer reached Paul and I, he stopped and cocked his head like the RCA-Victor dog looking at a phonograph. When he tried to correct our stance and grip we explained that we were using the Weaver Stance as promoted by Jeff Cooper. We might as well have been speaking in tongues. Mentioning that Cooper was a Marine Corps Lt. Colonel provided enough validation that he let the breach-of-Corps-technique slide. Qualifying “Expert” in the Marine Corps with the Weaver Stance was not particularly challenging.


I have always found the Weaver stance to be awkward and uncomfortable.


I always thought I was using the weaver but I guess I’m a cross weaver isosceles stance trigger arm locked left arm pulling against right ?


Damn…that sounds complicated as hell. I shoot the way my grandpop taught me many years ago. Not even the Army could break my ‘poor form’ but I always manage to hit what I’m shooting at!


What ever works for you !