Some Reasons To Believe?

What are some good reasons to believe in God?

  1. Hope
  2. Compassion
  3. Faith
  4. Love
  5. A feeling of belonging
  6. You get to go to heaven when you die.
  7. You get to share the word of the Lord with others.

Those were just some of the reasons I could think up. What about you?

Mike Huckabee is such a great guy! God bless him, and God bless America!

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The centered place of stillness a mature mind can muster, contemplating the universe around us and our place in it.

The more science delves into the unexplainable inner space of quantum physics we can finally reason and realize our connection to one another and everything else in the universe. There is a nucleus to our spirituality that is indeed entangled with each and every other. This is a truth that passes ALL understanding, and we are starting to understand THAT fact now. We are all stardust. “The kingdom of God resides within you” and indeed it does.

Isn’t it great how God allows us to discover all his wonders.

It is! I’m glad we can agree on something!

i believe in Hell because some people I know (“know”)
deserve to be there IMO

only God knows where that person would go if he or she died but… I know where I myself would put the person…

OK, ok… not sounding too christian today, i admit it…


but if you all only knew all the (*&^% i have been through…

what I mean is this:

without the Justice that comes to us all… from the Great Equalizer …

there would be NO justice at all

Like we have a choice? When belief in God is written on your bones, you don’t need a reason. It’s there whether you want it there or not.


Everyone has a choice, to do what, or believe whatever they wish to believe.

Weather that be God, or something else. I was simply trying to name some positive things about believing in God.


i dont have #5. Most “christians” i have known… are not terribly christian when the chips are down… which seems to be quite often

Just remember my friend, it could always be worse!

I’ve served at soup kitchens when I was younger, and I’ve eaten at them as a person living on the streets before. It’s actually pretty dam good food.

I aint got that much family that I get along with. So normally I just go out to lunch or dinner at a restaurant for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t care if I get any presents or not. Just a good meal for the Holidays, and good company makes me happy. If you go look at the post office, they may have some options/things that you can do for the Holidays to be around other people that don’t have anyone either to be with on those days.

Nobody is perfect. I’ve ran across those types of Christians before several times in my life as well. They will have to answer to the almighty, but by treating other badly like that they’re not acting like true believers of God. But there are still lots of good believers out there as well.

you’re probably right (LOL)

but i can’t find them. I do think you may be one of them… I say “I think” because if I say something you don’t like… your true, not-so-Christian colors may come out…

LOL but many a truth is said in jest, right?

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“Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you” a promise.

i wish people had this view vis a vis Catholicism

bc there are many beautiful things there

many people are missing out… and admittedly, it is to one extent or another the Church’s fault… but still, I myself know more about the subject than most Catholics… (I presume this to be the case based on experience).

Despite the many troubling experiences I have had in the Church… i cna still say… [that 2nd to last paragraph (sentence)]

The Roman Catholic has its problems. Don’t confuse the Roman Catholic church with the Holy Catholic Church. There is a distinction.

I believe in God because when I look around me and see many beautiful animal species, as well as some not so beautiful, and a variety of different people, I just can’t believe that this variety came from nowhere. There has to be an unseen force behind it. JMNSHO


Roman just means that that is where the Church has its head, the papacy… nothing nefarious about Rome

There is so much beauty in creation in general. Weather it be plants, trees, animals, or even outside of our world.

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The Holy Catholic Church existed before Constantine, A Roman Emperor who served Roman god’s until he was converted and baptized. he then Created Roman Catholic Church - actually called it the Holy Roman Church - Changed a lot of the Liturgical dates around to mesh more with the Birthdays of Gods liek Apollo (dec 25) etc etc I could go on about Emperor Constantine.

kittens are especially adorable… cockroaches and snakes… OMG! God, why the heck did you create those?? :frowning:

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