Some thoughts on the upcoming vote, and Kavanaugh on the court


The Republicans have nominated an eminently qualified judge to the SCOTUS. If he had been nominated instead of Gorsuch, none of these allegations would have ever been made. If indeed Gorsuch was the second nominee, perhaps someone from his past would have claimed something of this sort against him.

But it is Brett Kavanaugh’s fate that he has been nominated to be the tie breaking vote on the SCOTUS, and so he threatens the ability of the Democrats to legislate from the bench via emotion, rather than logic or the constitution (which many of them call a “quaint document in need of revision”). Because he is the nominee, the Democrats see his defeat as their only mission, and have used tactics that sicken observers, and paint the Dem. Party as the soulless Machievellian creatures right wing websites have portrayed them to be. Even Blasey’s choice of attorney is via Dem. Leader Diane Feinstein – Debra Katz: a hard left activist who has a countenance that channels Shakespeare – “everything that is in [her] condemns itself for being there.”

The camera showed the two sides, the ancients on each flanked by staff. The Democrats’ staffs looked like what Clint Eastwood might cast if he was making a political comedy lampooning the left. The Republicans looked like preppies, and people don’t recoil at preppies.

And America watched

The Republicans, after days of the media calling them “bullies” and “old White men” had a female prosecutor ask their questions while the Dems. Lavished Blasey with adulation, for telling the “brave truth”.

And America watched

When Kavanaugh returned, they made political statements, and accusations ending, occasionally with a question designed to convey a narrative. The viewers (20-30 million of them) saw a mob attack on Kavanaugh, and no such attack on Blasey. As the circus act came to a close, Sen. Jeff Fake was cornered in an elevator, harangued by screaming women, and wilted. Then he was brought into another room where his “friend” Chris Coons played him like a fiddle.

And America watched

The result was more delay as yet another FBI investigation was launched. Even as the GOP acquiesced to another Dem. demand, the Dems. declared it entirely insufficient.

And America watched

Then the Dems moved to paid shrillers, noisy demonstrations wherein socialist pols like Elizabeth Warren make riskless proclamations to loud cheers, and the media lapped it up like cold beer in a heat wave.

And America watched

The FBI report came out and it provided exactly zero corroborating evidence against Kavanaugh, and so the FBI, previously the darling of the Dems. has been incomplete, constrained by the White House- who gave it free reign.

And America watched

Now, Democrats in primarily red states are watching their polling advantage disappear. Murkowski, if she follows through with a no vote on Kavanaugh has politically slashed her wrists. Manchin has not announced – likely out of fear of physical attack, yet if he votes no, the voters of WVa will also vote no on Manchin.

It’s working out very poorly for Dems., yet Kavanaugh could prove deadly for the GOP.

If Kavanaugh casts a deciding vote overturning, or even sharply curtailing Roe v Wade, the GOP will lose the vote of the vast majority of women- and thus hand over unfettered control of the government to the hardest left elements of the Democratic party.

It is risky, yet to me, it is worth the risk to put Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS.


Manchin has since signaled he will vote yes after al- wise choice.

Your thoughts?


Overall, this was a great write-up. I disagree with you on your final point.

In order for Kavanaugh to rule against Roe v Wade a case would have to be brought before the Supreme Court. That could take decades. There is no case in the pipeline at the moment challenging the legality of Roe v Wade. Kavanaugh just can’t overturn Roe v Wade on his own - no matter how much the left says he can.

But if he were to make that decision, I don’t think women in the GOP would run to the Democrats. I have been to several pro-life marches and the majority of the people marching were women.

Also, overturning Roe v Wade wouldn’t outlaw abortion it would simply give the states the right to make their own laws about it.


I have a crazy theory about Joe Manchin and his decision to support Kavanaugh. It was reported that Manchin called President Trump prior to issuing his statement that he would be voting in support of Kavanaugh. I was thinking that Mancin told the President that he would vote for Kavanaugh if President Trump would give his endorsement for his re-election race.


A survey group has Manchin ahead of Morrisey by 29 points with a YES vote for Kavanaugh BUT only 2 points if he voted NO .
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West Virginia is the largest coal producer east of the Mississippi River , and accounts for 1/10 of the nation’s production. It leads the nation in coal production from underground mines, and has the nation’s second largest reserves behind Wyoming.


…and I think that if you think President Trump agreed to endorse Manchin your theory is beyond crazy.


it seems if R v W is oveturned, states would be criminal to allow abortion?

i don’t know… haven’t thoguht of such…


No. The states would exercise their right to determine their own abortion laws.


tht would be better than what we have… but how can something be murder in one state and not another

at that point it would be time for a case to be brought to the Sup Ct… but it is past being that time


States Rights.

At one time, in one state it was a felony to possess so much as a seed of marijuana while it was a misdemeanor to possess less then an ounce in a single container in most other states.

IIRC, in Florida, it is illegal to walk an alligator without a leash.

Scroll through these:


I know, but we are talking about MURDER

It is unfortunate that a woman finds herself pregnant and, say, the father is long gone and/or doesn’t c are. But aborting the child is still murdering the child

reality does not change.

what is often forgotten is that women are also destroyed in abortion… the worst of it being tht she is now a murderer (feels like one) and has to live w/ that decision for the rest of her life… I’ve read books on Post Abortion Syndrome… a very sad condition…

we are not doing women any favors allowing them to murder their children… children they will never ever forget…


To some, life begins at conception. All abortions are then murders.

To others, life beings with a beating heart. Fewer abortions are murders.

To yet others, life begins with the consciousness of pain. Even fewer abortions are murders.

To the real murderers, life doesn’t exist until the baby is outside of the womb, breathing on its own. For them, no abortions are murders.

IMHO, abortions should be allowed only in the first trimester for healthy mothers and at any stage if the mother’s life is truly in jeopardy.

If a woman cannot make up her mind in the first trimester, she should lose the ability to choose.

Just my opinion.