Sometime People Do Bad Things For Seemingly Good Reasons


In this case Rand Paul giving oxygen to Kamila Harris… on a bill that looks like singlepayer for the bail industry… Just wait until they create another federal agency with police powers to actually go after the people who skip…


Trying to change the law because someone doesn’t have the bail money is idiotic. Certain groups commit more crime.


I have a better idea. NO bail for felonies, period.


Why don’t the liberals and Paul come up with a voucher " program" for bail , everything is free for those that choose to sit on their asses . Why doesn’t Rand Paul work on healthcare , taxes , the budget , jobs , and worry LESS about law breakers .


By me Rand Paul is one of the few people who has actually talked about the root problems of health care price and delivery… he is one of the few that actually pushed republicans towards a real market based approach to pushing prices down to an affordable level… He, in his libertarian(ish) way, does get distracted from time to time however.


Removing bail for those awaiting court dates sounds more than a LITTLE distraction . PRIORITIES ???


In some ways bail is a lot like pole taxes… if you have the money you participate if you don’t you have no voice. While I don’t sympathize with a convicted anyone for their crime, our constitution specifies a speedy trial… That I would suggest isn’t happening so while I understand where you are coming from… the only other constitutionally fair ( you know, equal justice under the law) way of doing it is to keep everyone locked up until their trial.

The issues is one of fairness in a judicial system that can send a presidents issue to the supreme court immediately while keeping people locked up for months in pretrial confinement without any single allegation actually proven by evidence.


So you would propose NO bail for ANYONE correct ? Should those that work for a living also receive FREE legal aid ?


What does that have to do with the subject of bail and the rather protracted legal system that does not seem capable of dealing with arrests, warranted or not, in a timely fashion.


I assumed your point was to be fair to EVERYONE ?


Either you believe in the principles of the Constitution or you don’t… you know equal protection, due process, protection from illegal search and seizure, habeas corpus, etc…

Your point about legal aid brings up the very same situation, to me as the individual mandate. We have a system of law so deep and so complex that ‘A person who represents himself has a fool for a client’ is so very true. We have turned what was a simple process of being accused, facing your accuser, trial by jury and either punishment or release into a due process nightmare. If a person is going to be put into that system by governmental force anything that happens before an actual guilty verdict is on the state… and ‘lawyering’ has been turned into a mighty lucrative business because of it. The first bail bonds business did not occur in the US until around 1900 but the need in other countries goes back millenia… So something happened in the US legal system that created the need… being stuck for months in pretrial confinement because the government has its head up its ass isn’t fair to anyone…nor is being forced to defend yourself in a legal system that is impossible to navigate without professional understanding… Being arrested as a person of means gives you access to the best, getting arrested as a poor person or even a less financially well off person, gives you no access at all…


Therefore those that work and struggle to make ends meet and are wrongly accused must go into further debt while the "poor " get out free ? Who is the greater risk of flight someone that owns a home and has a family and a job or the welfare recipient ? We see the O J 's of the world get off because they can afford the best of the best . But I don’t see the same for the average working stiff that makes it from pay check to pay check . Is it FAIR , hell no ! But if you give the poor a free ride on bail that isn’t either .


Then don’t give a bail option to anyone… simple…