Sometimes I just scratch my head over progressives


The oppose Trump because they want a globalized world… but object to the wealth creation used to build it… :thinking: Perhaps it is they who are confused about who they are and what values … and I am just to damn slow to keep up…

Oh Yeah… and deBlasio is an asshat…


He pulls this stunt the day after an NYPD cop was assassinated and skipped out on swearing in 500+ new NYPD police officers. Trump should put him on the no fly list so he can’t come back.




The cost of his attendance is being paid for by Hamburg Shows Attitude, a left wing protest group. I guess De Blasio will show up anywhere if someone else is paying the bill.


Deal with the aftermath of an assassinated police officer and mother? Attend a swearing in ceremony for new police officers? Nah. Go riot in Germany and protest the President of the United States. Shame!


De Blasio skips town as:

  • top aide caught in child porn scam
  • subway system broken
  • black police officer murdered

How can anyone support this asshole?