Sore Loser Peggy Noonan: Reach Across the Aisle, Mr. President


:joy: It was also the only market and industrial base in the world still standingā€¦

Redistibution is is an essential role of government whether you ā€œlikeā€ it or not.

No one doubts that in the process of the government collecting taxes, they well be spent differently than the original holder of that money wouldā€¦ thatā€™s not in disputeā€¦ What is, is how that money is distributedā€¦ the highway is open access to anyoneā€¦ government recognition of ā€˜marriageā€™ is open to everyoneā€¦ playing robin hood takes money away from some and gifts it to anotherā€¦ not what I would consider equalā€¦ anything under the lawā€¦ but it makes your heart feel good that you robbed someone to satisfy your need to be a good Samaritanā€¦ right on ā€¦ here, have a doughnut. :doughnut:


One wonders how the Obama administration increased the national debt by $10T without even passing one budget through congress.


Let us know when you figure it out.


Iā€™ll keep you posted.