Sound Familiar? Some Dems Campaigning on ‘Repeal and Replace’ of Tax Cuts


America elected a new president and put his party in control of both chambers of Congress. The new party in power passed a major bill on partisan lines in their first year controlling the executive and legislative branches. The minority, opposition party campaigned in its first midterm election under the new president on a pledge to “repeal and replace” the major bill.

Yes, this applies to Barack Obama, the Democrats, and Obamacare, from 2008 to 2010. But now, it also applies to Donald Trump, the GOP, and tax cuts.

The Associated Press reported:

From New Mexico to New York, high-profile liberals are calling for the repeal of the Republican tax plan that President Donald Trump signed into law just two months ago. They’re betting big that the message will resonate with voters in the midterm elections in November and provide the sort of clear, populist economic message some Democrats worry has been missing. But others, including red-state Democrats, are clearly queasy about the strategy, mindful that repealing a government benefit once it takes hold is far easier said than done — and not always popular.

It may be more difficult for Democrats to campaign on repealing and replacing more money in peoples’ pockets, as opposed to the Obamacare repeal campaign, which was difficult and (so far) a failure but also involved a law that raised costs for many Americans.

That won’t deter the likes of possible 2020 presidential candidate Mayor Eric Garcetti (D-Los Angeles), who told the Associated Press that Democrats need to “[r]epeal this tax bill.”

What happens, though, when west- and east-coast liberals, like Garcetti, bump up against moderate Democrats whose constituents are getting a tax break? The answer, in 2018 and 2020, may be chaos.