South Africa President Jacob Zuma is Starting a Race War


There will be bloodshed if Zuma starts with armed land invasions against South African whites. Skilled people will leave the country as the economy implodes.

This may political grandstanding by the ANC, but ultimately it will cost both blacks and whites dearly.

After South Africa’s embattled president Jacob Zuma pledged, in a surprising address to parliament one month ago, to break up white ownership of business and land to reduce inequality (in a State of the Nation address which was disrupted by a fistfight), it now appears that Zuma’s intentions to convert what was until recently Africa’s most prosperous economy into a new Zimbabwe were all too real, and as the Telegraph reports, the South African president officially called on parliament to change South Africa’s constitution to allow the expropriation of white owned land without compensation.

Zuma, 74, who made the remarks in a speech on Friday morning, said he wanted to establish a “pre-colonial land audit of land use and occupation patterns” before changing the law.

As the Telegraph adds, Zuma’s comments caused outrage among groups representing Afrikaans speaking farmers on Friday.

The Boer Afrikaner Volksraad, which claims to have 40,000 members, said its members would take land expropriation without compensation as “a declaration of war”.

“We are ready to fight back,” said Andries Breytenbach, the group’s chairman. “We need urgent mediation between us and the government. "If this starts, it will turn into a racial war which we want to prevent.” As noted above, Zuma first mentioned the expropriation of land in his opening of Parliament speech last month, but Friday was the first time he called for a change in the law.


The white people of South Africa can move to Australia or return to where their families came from in Europe, let the blacks take over. South Africa will fall apart and they will all starve in about 10-15 years, maybe less.


If civil war were to break out, I wonder if white South Africans would be treated with the same benevolence that European countries have shown to the Syrian refugees…and to migrants from all across Africa.


Apparently Zuma didn’t pay attention to what happened in Zimbabwe when Mugabe did the exact same thing.


He will get along with our president: a new ally that Trump has finally found in a world that he makes nervous and irritable.


Maybe we can help them form the next Rhodesia.


Let’s help them make things the way they were before the white men came over to South Africa.

Smart move South Africa.


I have to correct your image- the kid has clothing and doesn’t have flies swirling about his head like it’s the fourth century.

If Zumistas take over, let the Whites destroy everything they built as they leave.

This has a bit of deja vu for me. I remember watching PBS News hour back when the farmers were being driven from their land, and some killed in what was then Rhodesia. Charlaine Hunter Galt reported on it; as she did, she had real problems trying not to smirk. I’ll never forget it.


Exactly…Apartheid…African style.

I do think if whites are forced from their farms that they should destroy the crops, burn the homes, and poison the wells. If they can’t maintain what is rightfully and lawfully theirs, then no one else should be able to either.