Starbucks Removes Woman from Logo and Bans Women from Entering Cafes in Saudi Arabia


Starbucks in Saudi Arabia has removed the woman from its logo and all women from its cafes to fit Saudi Arabia the misogynistic standards of Sharia Law.

Meanwhile, the Enlightened Left will smugly guzzle 24,634,559,056 gallons of burnt-tasting Starfucks awful coffee, secure in their moral high ground.

Nothing to see here, folks!

Dump Starbucks.


Madonna and Ashley need to fly over to Saudi Arabia and have a protest over there like they did in DC, with little pink hats and tape over they’re boobs.


Can the girls still go to the drive up window? Oh silly me, I forgot, they can’t drive there.


The Starbucks gal was showing just too much flesh for them to handle. I have an idea. Starbucks can shut down all of its stores here, relocate from the Left Coast to Saudi Arabia, and be left to conform to Islam without any sort of criticism.


usually what they will do is also open separate ones for women only.

its their culture.

some women like it, they don’t view as being prohibited from entering male establishments they view it as men not being able to enter women only establishments.

our way of life is not the only way…especially with this President and Congress.

we might look at ourselves before our sanctimony points fingers.

we are the fools.