State of The Union: Trump the Compassionate


That’s how the language of the proposal reads. Obviously, the exception to this would be the infraction of being here illegally in the first place. I personally would rather see them all go but can understand that since Trump doesn’t have the votes in the Senate he needs to come up with something. It’s just the reality of the situation.


There hatred for the president and for the Country was crystal clear to all that watched . The faces on congressional black caucus looked like they sat on wet cold sh*t and they were ready to vomit . Totally disgusting display of rudeness and disrespect !


Yes, I know and I would be just as happy to force them all out and make them get in line but the fact is, they are here! In that 12 year period they can get no welfare or they are gone, no crimes or they are gone!


Food stamps, heap , free education , and healthcare is a form of welfare .



He can get emotional when people talk about ‘ILLEGALS’

Or pouting as in his display last night when people talk positively about the

U S A ! :joy:


I am saying take that the fuck away as well. Fuck em! Why the hell have none applied for citizenship?


Some stupid states like Colorado and California give them in state rates for college yet charge full rates fr out of state veterans.


I totally agree but we are NOT allowed to refuse education or hospitalization . And we have two card Monte and similar liberals claiming it their Constitutional RIGHT ! :roll_eyes:


That’s enough to fry ones nuts !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Rep. Luis Gutierrez walked out after chants of “USA, USA!” erupted in the House chamber of the Capitol Building. After the speech, the Illinois Democrat quipped that, “whoever translated it for him from Russian did a good job.” . I guess he does care for the Country he has the pleasure of living in ! What an a$$ !!! :roll_eyes:


What stood out was the president brought hero’s , veterans ,and Americans with high character while the dems brought illegals and veil low life agitators !


He was later confronted and his explanation was he wanted to avoid the rush then I had an interview on Univision.


Yeah, and nobody at the speech wanted to be there less than Melania Trump. Damn she looked at the pres like she wanted to cut his manhood off, accompanied by the most tepid and begrudging applause. That Stormy Daniels story has gotten seriously under her skin.


Im sure if you stop getting paid, you wouldnt want to be here either, illiterate bernie bot.


Leave it to CNN and Jake Tapper to reveal the real, tormented attitude of democrats in general and the progressive left specifically…


I wonder who fed Tapper that idea. ‘Democrat’ is just a polite re-framing of ‘illegal immigrant’ at this point.


Talk about deplorable, Clinkton had the word right but the target for her comment wrong.

Here’s a person who posts nothing but unsubstantiated crap day after day pretending to be the most knowledgeable person on the planet in every topic posted. Now he’s a personal friend of the first lady knowing her feelings. For all he knows Melania was looking at Schumer and Pelosi or just thoroughly disgusted with Washington politics overall.




You lie. You don’t have any idea what she wanted to do. You’re just another butthurt regressive troll crying like a little girl because the commie/fascists you support are getting their sorry asses kicked!

cry baby 3


I can somewhat understand the Dems not standing for President Trump . But it’s completely INEXCUSABLE to not stand and honor the two families that had children killed by Illegals or MS -13. It was a completely horrendous display of their disrespect for their loss .
If they are that sympathetic to these Murderous Thugs , they should live in those neighborhoods for 90 days minimum and then see how sympathetic they are .We could send these Murderous Thugs to their White ,Exclusive gated communities and Terrorize ,Rape and Assault their daughter’s .
Their actions were completely Disgusting !!!