Stop Antifa before November 4th


On November 4th members of Antifa will begin physically attacking off duty police officers in their homes or in the streets.

While local politicians are at work, while military servicemen are deployed, Antifa will harrass their wives and children, break into their homes and destroy their property.

We are the thin line that can prevent this from happening.

We must raise awareness. We must meme warnings to LEOs and Congressmen that the next battle will not be on the protest field, organizations such as RefuseFascism and BAMN are going to take the fight to their front door steps. They need to be aware of this before it is too late.


Well isn’t that a mess. :roll_eyes:



Antifa is also planning to wear women’s clothes and occupy female bathrooms in next couple of weeks. This is sexual assault/harassment. Bookmark this post and comment when it happens.

These little tyrants need to be put down!!

Confirmed by Antifa.


I doubt their great uprising will amount to more than a few dozen of so ANTIFA, and a few hundred welfare bums at any given locale, shouting, trying to block traffic, and breaking windows.

This movement won’t grow because all but the stupidest of Americans can see through what these clowns are, and want nothing to do with them.


Precisely, about like the permit holding lot that traveled to Charlottesville to spew their own version of hate. I think Americans largely see through this type of bs.


Guide on eraticating Antifa: Let them speak.

That’s it. That’s all we have to do. Antifa hangs itself in front of everyone

Maybe we should print this out and trash our cities with copies of these.


Precious and I are not worried about it:) We are not worried because she has a much bugger brother.


The anti-gun crowd is picking a fight they just aren’t going to win…unless our political elite cave to their demands like a bunch of pussies…which is entirely possible.


A little history will show them that Antifa was merely a power struggle between two groups labeled ‘communists’ and ‘fascists’ fighting over the same socialist platform… they are one in the same… and when you really get down to brass tacks, communists, fascists, socialists, and progressives are cut from the same socialist authoritarian cloth… Their is no doubt in my mind that Trump is a statis with an authoritarian streak but he wasn’t like Obama, an authoritarian with a communist streak…


Smile everyone!


They want a fight, and they keep instigating violence. Sooner or later an antifa member, or one of those idiots known as the redneck revolutionaries who carry rifles is going to do something really stupid like shoot someone. The likely outcome of this will be they will officially be declared a domestic terrorist organization, and their leadership can be rounded up. Soft bodied and soft heads of the SJW generation have no real grasp of what they are doing, or what being in a real gunfight means. Hopefully we never reach this point, but honestly, a small part of me does want to go there so these fuckers can be exterminated.


It will be interesting to see if anything significant happens outside the usual lefty cesspools like Berkeley and Portland.



I lol at antifa. Apparently you cant be a white antifa, only an “ally”.


That reminds me…




Excellent, Colorado Springs a very conservative city that tolerates zero nonsense.

The best part is I will be there on the 4th.


We will expect an eyewitness report Lou.


At the University during the campaign, Trump booked the auditorium for a rally. Several of the professors and students protested and wanted the University to revised the use of the auditorium. The chancellor told the professors that it was a financial arrangement and the University would be happy to book the auditorium to the professors at the same rate. The professors refused the offer. The Chancellor then told them the university would gladly accept their resignations. They refused and decided to go back to work. One professor took his grievance to the classroom. A student reported the issue to the chancellors office. The professor was terminated that day.