Stop Antifa before November 4th


Are we talking a little rumble in the jungle Lou??


To avoid the stinkage thrown off by the protesters make sure to remember to wear a gas mask Lou.


I don’t think ANTIFA has the nerve for it when a community gives them the finger.


As a side note, Colorado Springs is home to 3 military installations where people are supportive of the military and conservative ways. The military, city police force as well as the university police force all have mutual aid agreements in place should any need help.

Colorado Springs news features a class saying the pledge of alligance every morning on the news.


Sounds like Colorado Springs should be the capitol of our 51st State, Jefferson.





Reliable source, DON’T pick up random water bottles left on the street this weekend. Antifa is putting Drano and Aluminum to cause explosions.


Let’s assume that Antifa and the Black Panther movements can muster up 6 million hardcore followers. They would be met by national guard and police of every kind and be treated as a terrorist threat for doing what they say…oh and and potentially 60 million gun owners. Bloody, horrible, but they lose.


True enough. Let us hope that they are all hat and no cattle!


Seen a lot of this crap circulating on Facebook. They want to confuse police.



And here I sit in Colorado Springs.

Apparently Antifa thinks they may have a demonstration.

Up the street, the Air Force Academy.
Down the street, Fort Carson.
Across town, Peterson AF base.
In town the friendly local police ready to serve. (they won’t look the other way)
This should be fun.


I anticipate there will be little dustups involving perhaps a few hundred losers nationwide. This whole thing should fizzle.


And if the BOD’s were protesting you’d have no problem.

Fuck the patrons.


Where are you marching today comrade monte?


If you are going to use acronyms could you please give everyone a clue as to what you are talking about… Pretty Please Oh Kind Mr. Independent Sir…


I don’t think he will answer that… He will, if he hasn’t already, put you on his shit list… liberals like black listing people… It seems that his black list is getting so long that he puts out a blanket statement that he’s not talking to a ‘few’ nasty people on here but the rest are … Get this… “Welcome to carry on”… how magnanimous of him… Any way, just thought I would tell you that the comrade monte comment is likely to get you ‘ignored’…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Is your local news reporting anything yet? I’m not finding any stories yet. Although it might still be too early in the morning for people that have nothing better to do than protest living in the greatest country man has ever know.


The revolution begins today everyone.

Be ready.



We have all been warned. They are coming. The Antifa uber-soldiers of the revolution are going to take this country back from all of us evil Nazi fascists. They will be too powerful to take down. How will we ever recover from this?


Antifa hunting season is now open.

No bag limits. :gun: