Stop Antifa before November 4th


Heres the deal. I could certianly be wrong and predicting what will happen today could put egg on my face but the left has seen time after time that these violent outbursts are actually pretty damaging and counter productive. Recently we have seen a lot of the ‘Impeach Trump’ rhetoric muted in Washington… I think that the left is finally starting to figure out that they have been played big time. Not only by Russia who has always sought division in the US and promotion of a path to communism (No folks, communism is not dead and ‘social democracy’ is but a step on the path to it) , but by the very ‘leadership’ they have supported for years. We are seeing huge strife between the people and the establishment. Regardless of anything, the far left see corruption but just like their ill pointed Occupy movement, they weren’t looking at the government.

If ANTIFA come out an destroy a bunch of property, it will be the end of the democratic party…and with it the social utopia that they advocate…


From what I’ve seen on Facebook today, Antifa is planning on meeting up at the Indy Fairgrounds here in Indianapolis. Guess they picked the wrong day to show up. The largest gun and knife show in the state, the Indy 1500, is also being held there today.



Dumbasses. Outside a gun show is the worst place anybody could pick to form up for an anti-American protest. Maybe these dumbasses will get taught a lesson before they can even move out.


Sooooo… Just who are the fascists in the crowd? So are we fixing to have an anti-immigration Kristallnacht…

Auh history… the more you ignore it, the harder it slaps you in the face…


There is actually some really good banter over on the dead bird.


They keep pushing normal people further and further to the right. They aren’t going to like what comes of it.


Hmmm, anything happening? Oh wait, Their parents haven’t woken them up and served them breakfast yet, just give them a couple hours, they’ll get around to the “Revolution”


That’s just it. A good many people care deepely about this country and its people. They have seen over several decades the track of the country go in the wrong direction. Trump of course is a reaction to that and as a reaction to Trump they put everyone who voted for him (instead of the alternative… almost a dozen RINO’s and the democrats) into a rather small box and labeled it scum… people don’t like being called scum… particularly if it is by people who very much act like scum…


Just got online (I have responsibilities)- what is BOD? And who are the patrons?


Downtown Chicago is Antifa free from what I’ve seen.

Just the same Leftist Progressive zombies walking around the city waiting to get shot.



Skip the news nonsense.

Went down town where the demonstration was to happen.

Saw a group of 20-30 kiddies gathering by a coffee shop. I couldn’t resist sauntering over. The plan was to disruptive veterans day parade at 9am.

Several police appeared a few minutes later and asked the group for their demonstration, gathering permit. The leader said they forgot to apply for one. About 15 MP’s walked over as the police asked them to disband. They said they would comply. The MP’s said they were here to help and would be happy to stand with them to watch the parade. Th ANTIFA shirts left.

Some of the highlights:




Everyone please have a happy Antifa day.


It’s still daylight. I fully expect things to start out thin. We are dealing with cowards who hide their faces. They will wait until nightfall to do whatever it is they plan on doing. The light of day is their enemy.


The wait is so long…



This is quite fitting for Antifa. Raising their flag inside a garbage can.


Here is how real Americans do it.


I got this fam.

Antifa Protest Live Streams


The live feed from LA has more Trump supporters marching and carrying American flags than Antifa.

Trump supporters are chanting: “where’s your resistance?” :rofl:


BEST LIVE VID - From San Francisco


November 4th, 2017 – a day that will live in obscurity.