Stop Antifa before November 4th




I was on a group ride (SXS) in the ONF, still riding today. :wink:


It would appear that ANTIFA and friends were otherwise occupied as well…


Again with the acronyms… I assume ‘national forest’ because I know in vehicular terms what SXS is but would that be

Ozark-St. Francis

and if it was Ouachita would that be Oklahoma, Arkansas or Washington ???



I’ve got a list here of all the footage I was able to compile, lets dig through it and see if we can time-stamp some of the best moments (if there are any).

Refuse Fascism in Chicago

ANTIFA November 4th Protest to Remove Trump/Pence

Massive Anti-Trump Rally in NYC

Only Three Show Up to DC November 4th Protest

SF Communist Revolution March

November 4th Antifa NYC

Atlanta Anti-Fa Protest

Portland Oregon Protest

InfoWars Infiltrates Failed Anti-Fa Rally

Anti-Fa November 3rd Press Conference

NYC Times Square Protest

Twitter Video NYC


More NYC

Anti-Fa Protests 11/4/17

QT Streams November 4th from San Fran

Philadelphia November 4th

November 4th Protest


Can we change the title of this thread now - since the Antifa November 4 Revolution was an abysmal failure?