Stop Saying "Alt-Right" Start Saying Republican


The white-supremacist organization that has dubbed itself the Alt-Right has in the last 2 years overthrown the Republican speaker of the House, neutered his replacement with fears of the same, placed their candidate in as the Republican candidate beating the establishment right, and now their candidate has won the Presidency. Moreover the head of the alt-right information arm ran their President’s campaign and is now the consigliere to Don Trump.

So, can we stop calling them the “Alt-right” and call them what they really are?



Dear Bigot


With Love


I have to say, this group is even more extreme than the Bush-Cheney Neo-Cons and they were pretty despicable, torturing and such.

The Tea Party was the next move towards the extreme.

The alt-right is the ISL of the conservative movement and anyone who misguidedly supports this group is on the fringe.

Conservative Values for me are more mainstream, rational, I may not always agree but I can respect them because they are not trying to limit others rights…they just want to preserve their own beleifes…kind of like the Amish…Conservative.

I want to protect that.

But this alt-right BS is messed up and dangerous, very dangerous…don’t even kid your selves how bat crazy some of these people are and it would be terrible terrible for our country if they came to any more influence. They care about themselves and their own power. and how they can use the desperate people clinging to anything that floats like miners and assemblers who’s jobs have gone away and are NOT coming back. Ever.

@Dan thank you my man for posting this. This is very important for all of us to think long and hard about what we really want our country to be.


Ah the bleating of liberal sheep, shorn of their power over the ‘little people’ in ‘flyover country’. The ‘alt right’ is not the GOP, any more than the rioting anarchists, the New Black Panthers, or the Crips, Bloods, Nortenos etc. are the Democratic party.
All of this wild eyed name calling is almost amusing, yet it serves no purpose. There is no heart of darkness to gaze fearfully into; there are only groups of people who have different views of how best to have a decent, civil, functioning society. The sooner we recognize that, the sooner we find common ground.


Elaborate on those ‘rights’ that people are trying to limit… The right of anyone in the world to come here, regardless of there belief and change our culture… our beliefs. The tagging of the extreme right with the tea party who’s original conception espoused only 3 points 1)Constitutional Rule of Law 2)Limited Government 3) Fiscal Discipline… was a pretty scary bunch… Radical as they come… Again some more ‘fake news’ created by people who can’t win without deceit… without lies… without bribery… without manipulation and indoctrination. Of course anyone who would pull the curtain back on that would have to be labeled.

I notice that you guys aren’t commenting much on the ‘Fake News’ thread… the one that shows that much of the fake news is generated by your own and some of it is even picked up by the MSM…

P.S. I do think long and hard about what I want this country to be… the word Liberty comes to mind… most generally kryptonite to a statist authoritarian…


Great post @Dan and hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

I prefer that we simply call the GOP the American Nazi Party and dismiss with any other niceties or otherwise politically correct names. There is no need to separate one from the other, so lets just group them together and call them what they are…



Yet another lunatic fringe group.

Both sides have their lunatic fringe groups.


It wasn’t so long ago that patriotism, national identity, clear borders, limited immigration, and assimilation were not considered “far right” or “alt-right”. Globalism together with Marxism has poisoned the minds of too many who know better and of the young people for generations to come.


@Gray Most of the alt right is people who feel like you, they aren’t racists but they have also become unafraid of being called racists, so they play that up.

There are genuine racists too, who are free-riding. By racist I mean having animosity against other races for personal reasons if a dog bites me, I may dislike and be wary of dogs but I won’t have existential hatred for dogs…they’re just dogs.

Most of the alt-right are young people (up to 40s) that are temperamentally leftist and may indeed have been “SJWs” before noticing some things especially now when lines have been drawn up so clearly and there is such open disdain of whiteness, white culture etc.

Leftism destroys all cultures, though opportunistically there may be “celebration” of various non-white ones.