STOP THE GENOCIDE: Time to Give White South Africans Refugee Status


In an unprecedented move. the South African parliament is set to pass a new law following a landslide 83 to 241 vote in favor of removing White farmers from their property. This matter will now be brought to the Constitutional Review Committee who will amend the constitution by the 30th of August. Should this pass, White South Africa is over as we know it.

As the government’s threat of dispossession approaches, it appears that the only hope of South African farmers is in seeking refuge in the West. We must petition our leaders to allow them to return to the homelands of their ancestors.

South Africa's new president Cyril Ramaphosa has signed a racially motivated death warrant for thousands of white South African farmers. In our previous article on this topic, we showed that a systematic murder of white farmers has taken place where untold numbers have been robbed, raped, tortured and murdered since Nelson Mandela and the communist African National Congress (ANC) ascended to power in 1994. This new vote to steal the land of the Boer will only exacerbate the situation.

Ramaphosa said that he would speed up the transfer of land to black people, although he stressed that food production and security must be preserved. He knows that displacing 73% of the farming workforce will cause massive economic problems. Mutch like when Robert Mugabe carried out land seizures in Zimbabwe, the land was never again used for farming. Once the land was expropriated it ended up becoming neglected, causing Zimbabwe to face an economic crisis. No country has ever prospered for government seizure of private property, just look to the Soviet Union and you will see the inevitable path this course will take. I fear this economic hit will be a harsh lesson the black South Africans will have to learn the hard way.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s platform since coming into power on 15 February 2018 has been the continuation of Nelson Mandela's vision for South Africa- the vision of “kill the Boer” and a new apartheid. With Ramaphosa as the new president we can expect to see the anti-White hatred rise as he emboldens those who seek to bring harm to the White South African farmers.

Ramaphosa and others, including Julius Malema, Johannesburg’s controversial Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, has been fueling the fire with incendiary comments, designed to rile up the vengeful mob.

“the time for 'reconciliation' is over Now is the time for justice.”

In 2016 leader Julius Malema told his supporters he was

"not calling for the slaughter of white people - at least for now."

Minister of water affairs Gugile Nkwinti has said that

"The ANC unequivocally supports the principle of land expropriation without compensation."

Ernst Roets, Deputy Chief Executive of the civil rights group AfriForum stated:

"This motion is based on a distorted image of the past. The term ‘expropriation without compensation’ is a form of semantic fraud. It is nothing more than racist theft.”

Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, said

“(Land expropriation) could unleash conflict in the country.”

To my immense sadness am forced to agree with Kriel. I believe this conflict is inevitable. I can’t see the white South Africans giving up their land without a fight, but now that this law has passed the vote, the government will use whatever force they see necessary to remove the Whites from their land. This will only lead to the deaths of thousands of White farmers across South Africa. Despite the dark forecast, hope yet remains.

The clear solution is to recognize that It is time to give White South Africans refugee status into the West.

Over 10000 Americans have signed a petition asking President Trump to allow White South Africans refugee status into the US. If you lean out of your window you may just hear the wailing of the liberals now, as they accuse Donald Trump of racist behavior for favoring white South Africans over Syrian refugees. To hell with them, this is a genocide.

The petition states they "can be easily vetted and also possess skills that make them compatible with our culture and civilization," and I agree entirely.

Similar petitions have been started, one with over with over 17000 signatures, and growing, signatures asking the EU to allow White South African to seek refugee status and another that has reached over 14000 asking the Australian government to:

“halt its usual refugee intake in favour of accepting white South Africans who are suffering unjust hardship and turbulence.”

Please, sign the petitions and get your government to act now before it’s too late.

Allowing the Boers to return to the homelands of their ancestors is the only hope. In an age where the floodgates are opened for an invasion of fighting aged Middle Eastern men seeking greener pastures in Europe, how can we in the West turn our backs on our own brothers? How can we allow a cultural takeover to take place as Europeans are out-bred by polygamous men of the East, and in the same breath let the Boer be murdered by savage thieves? We need to close the door to economic migrants pretending to be refugees and open a wider door for the genuine refugees who being stripped of their homes as their fathers are murdered. I think it's time we allow people who actually have ancestral ties to Europe to return to their fatherlands.

Of course, fleeing to the West isn’t the ideal solution, they will be leaving behind a home their ancestors built up over the last 3 centuries. South Africa as we know today would not exist if it wasn’t for the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears of the Boer forefathers; that country is just as much theirs as America belongs to white Americans living in the US today. The only option left to us is to offer safe sanctuary to White South African refugees until the day comes when they can retake their homes from these theives. Unfortunately, the blacks have made it clear, there will be no peaceful coexistence, and there will be no just outcome. There is only hateful agenda of misplaced revenge based on a misguided perspective on history and a racialized vendetta- to steal from and to kill the Boer.

I say "refugees welcome here" to our South African brothers and sisters, and stand with them until the day comes for them to take back what's rightfully theirs.

I implore you to stand with me.

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White refugees, especially of from a Christian back ground.

Sorry they do not meet the guidelines for political correctness.


President Trump should immediately grant refugee status to any SA farmer that would relocate to the U.S. along with an expedited path to citizenship.
President Trump should do this by Executive Order if necessary . At least they wouldn’t be loving off taxpayers and breeding like mice.


I doubt any country will grant refugee status, unless, perhaps, there’s a massive overt genocide, rather than the current situation, which is written off by “scribes and pharisees” as “mere economic targeting”


Yeah if they were Muslims , countries would be standing in line to give them refugee status and have them resettle in their country.


I am a White South African and while we are deeply worried about the situation with our farmers we are as concerned with our own safety and security people are now noticing the farm attacks but what the world has not yet realized is while farming in South Africa is the most dangerous vocation in the world living here as a white person is not far behind and its not only the farmers in danger they are currently the primary focus but approximately 70 000 white people have been killed in the last 24 years many the victims of crime and some just made to look like crime
i know that many people consider the idea of going back to Europe the answer i personally dont because firstly there is a major culture change involves in almost all cases with the exception of perhaps the UK we are now far closer in culture to the US and Australia than most European countries furthermore most whites could not even afford the airfare to get their families out so i am not sure how that would be solved even if refugee status was a given


This is one of the problems we still don’t understand in Europe- that the migrant crisis/refugee crisis has been a result not of poor people fleeing war zones but wealthier people exploiting the idea that people are fleeing war zones. Sending your son to Italy from Eritrea is an expensive gamble, but it’s a good long term investment if it pays off. When we see what is happening in South Africa- Stage 6 of preparation for full genocide it is late in the day to be still looking around for answers.

I agree totally with you that your people are White Africans with your own culture, same as Australia and America- short of calling for volunteer fighters to come to you to duke it out with first a mob and then the police and the military I don’t know what else to suggest other than evacuation- The Netherlands might not look much like home, maybe the USA would be better, but what’s the alternative? Extermination? War? The country is going rogue-state before our eyes and it doesn’t look like much of the West cares.


Th USA, Australia and Canada are all good options if one can get in
the Visa application process for most still left in SA i what stands in the way
aside from the costs of the airfare
most White South Africans are not lazy people and are willing to work
even if it means manual labor and most do not expect government handouts but are willing to get stuck in and create a future for themselves
but there is a huge gap between being willing and being able to
and that lies in the visa applications flight costs and the first few months living expenses
its a huge risk either way but one that we really dont have much choice in
i dont see the UN sending in troops to protect a measly 3.5 million whites especially when some liberals seem to think white South Africans deserve this
not sure i understand that since my generation are responsible for the changes resulting in our newfound democracy
talk about getting back stabbed and sold out


I’m a white South African and I can tell you unequivocally that I am seriously worried. My forefathers have been here for so long, since the mid 1600’s that I have no family abroad to sponsor us to get across. We have two sets of neighbors murdered in the most brutal way. Nothing stolen and cannot be crime related. My Sister in law was raped in the middle of the night. I don’t think my kids have a future here and they are discriminated against for …being white. I am hoping that we can get refugee status so at least then we have an option. Sorry for the rant, I just feel I had to comment and give insight at to what we are going through here.


no need to apologize i understand perfectly
i have a 9 month old daughter that i fear for as well
simply put she has no future in this country and we need a way to leave and create a future for ourselves and our children
one we can be proud of


The Liberals do say that we white South Africans deserve it, here is the thing. Apartheid was abolished when I was in high school. What role did I or my children have to play in that regime? Nothing. My Dad tried everything to help his workers during that time by helping them buy food. Blacks were banned from buying anything (Boycott) from white owned businesses at that time. This was a command from the ANC top brass. If they were caught they would have a Tyre put over their head, gasoline poured over them and set alight. You guys have no idea how savage they can be when crowd mentality kicks in.


What are we to do? Shot for the comment


NO! We do not need them we have enough problems without bringing more here.


I would rather have white Christian refugees who speak English and who have transferrable skills instead of what we have now.


More whats? People who share European lineage with us fleeing actual genocide? You disgrace yourself.


We have few options. In the west the mainstream media is ignoring South Africa as to criticize black people is verboten. The BBC is hung up on statistics which is nothing short of staggering given their refusal to correctly engage with other statistically sound arguments about issues in the UK (e.g, Pakistani rape gangs, the mindless adoption of postmodernist rhetoric about wage inequality).

Our papers are not covering the story, and will not until there is a shoot out where white farmers kill black raiders. At that time they will have to report the story, negatively- and that in itself might wake up the more ‘conservative’ press in the UK.

Make pleas for mercenaries and start fortifying your farms the best you can.


More people period! White, Black or any other! We need to control the damn flow.


I think the UK is responsible for their safety and asylum. After all, it was the UK that colonized South Africa initially and now they are leaving their descendents high and dry.


…You know what the Boer War was, right?


Even under the most extreme border control, there is both a responsibility to help people fleeing genocide, and also a benefit to the nation (whichever nation that is) of acquiring easily integrated and skilled persons. Remember Trump talking not so long ago about encouraging Norwegian immigrants? That’s a skill debate. SA Farmers are some of the most skilled people in their field (no pun intended) on the face of the planet.