STOP THE GENOCIDE: Time to Give White South Africans Refugee Status


Why is the burden on the United States? Why is the burden ALWAYS on the United States?

You should petition your Queen. Maybe she can help out. They have room at Buckingham Palace right?


And it is just more CHAOS! Send them guns, train them and that is that. Oh wait! That would be racist.


I never said the ‘United States’. Pip (the writer of this piece said:

As the government’s threat of dispossession approaches, it appears that the only hope of South African farmers is in seeking refuge in the West. We must petition our leaders to allow them to return to the homelands of their ancestors.

I agree with that entirely- some Yankee started whinging about leaving people to die because ‘muh borders’. I’m just pointing out that you can’t talk in such black and white terms- and as I pointed out (and can be evidenced from decades of statistics regarding migration between EU nations) the movement of people of European heritage between nations is a net gain- not a burden.

I agree, best case scenario, send in the militia and let SA become balkanised. The farmers don’t want to be driven off their lands any more than you want to lift a finger, but nobody in the media is talking about these options- so we do.


I agree that would be a better solution. We need to have flexible options, because our governments are almost certainly too cucked to do that.


It would be great for the whites to have a semi- autonomous homeland that they brought into the Modern World. But that would be RACIST and subject to boycotts.
If the U.K. and other European countries can accept Muslims who do nothing but create chaos, why not accept the SA farmers who will only make the country better without further burdening social programs.
If we could accept all those Vietnamese refugees why can’t we send as many planes needed to bring the SAs here that wanted to come. Or is that also RACIST???


Is there any way that you can get your hands on some guns? If people are coming for you…you have to protect yourself and your family. Worry about the consequences later. Always put family first. Praying for you.


I personally wouldn’t care if Afrikaners and Boers killed all the blacks in their country with chemical agents. It’s essentially dumb blacks hijacking a European form of government and then using white people’s government against them. The blacks are just going to blame whatever ethnic group they can of their own misfortune, these are children who burn people alive because they think they were cursed by a witch. These blacks are just going to seize “farmland” (land specifically developed by whites to grow crops), sign it off to international companies, and walk off with their stolen money while their fellow blacks starve.

If pre-emptive self-defense is necessary - just think - you can’t be prosecuted by them if there aren’t any of them left.

This is all just a hypothetical rant, of course.


David Brock hates white people and South Africans…


That’s because leftists are saying that white genocide in South Africa is nothing but a conspiracy theory. They are shilling it everywhere.


Some conspiracy…


Then we have to debunk it. Everywhere.

Listen to this. It’s one of the worst things you’ll ever hear in your entire life

Start the video at 47min and 57seconds and listen for about 7 or 9 minutes.


Then you know what to do. Personal responsibility.


Now even Breitbart is screwing this up.

This ‘senior editor-at-large’ lives over 1,000 miles outside South Africa and obviously doesn’t understand the issues.


I don’t know… I read the article and its general premise is that the racism is not something new or accelerating but something that has been a feature of SA sense the end of apartheid. What he is saying and I believe it is true, it is not ‘about’ race (even though it looks that way), it is about communism. Communism has been the driver of the ANC and its backer the SACP. This is push for redistribution as much as it is about pushing out the last vestiges of opposition… ‘white is the opposition party… not a race’.

The push to populate Europe and America with ‘brown people’ has far less to do with their color than it does to do with their propensity to vote for the Utopia that globalists have sold to them. The funny thing in the west is that those ‘woke’ white people just don’t know it yet, but while they may be the last to go… they are on the list because when they finally awake from being woke, they will realize that they are the last of the opposition…


And…guess who is celebrating the coming bolshevik slaughter of whites in South Africa?

The very same Chabad Lubavitch sect that brought to you the ever so fashy based jewish President Trump.

You know the Messianic jewish cult that the neo-liberals call “Russians” and the group that every single “fashy based fellow goyim” laughs at even the notion of them ever existing.

For more information about the garden path we have been led down