Stop Using Facebook


I’m sure there are folks here like me that do not use Facebook but I suspect there are plenty that do.

Facebook exists to make money and does it by selling advertising and data about its users.
People hate overt advertising, it is hard to disguise it and very expensive to make it palatable.

Facebook is a public corporation and has to keep making more money which means it has to either find new ways to sneak ads into your experience or find ways to mine and sell data about who you are and how you act.

Much of the same can be attributed to Google, both tell us to trust them but the depth of Facebook’s ability to allow users to build social networks and then use that data to assess social interactions of any scale and identify behavioral weaknesses and bias is unique.

Because of the fickleness of attention to advertising Facebook will eventually be replaced.
I encourage people to be a part of making that eventuality come sooner. Find other ways to connect with others and book on out of the Face. Collusion is not mitigated by careless ignorance.


My Russian internet troll farm needs to easily spread disinformation and discontent among the disaffected millions, who can then cheaply and effectively amplify their message (regardless of it’s accuracy) exponentially to others. It’s the easiest way to spread foment and insecurity among the FB user base and to hasten the destruction of our democracy (whatever is left of it) in ways that we don’t even realize or understand.


In all seriousness, I’ve considered giving up Facebook. There are other ways to share pics of the kids, and the idea that I will not be able to easily communicate with that 2nd cousin I used to see at thanksgiving, or my high school locker partner is easy to overcome.

The part I’m struggling most to give up is probably the part that makes FB most valuable to those companies using micro marketing. I’m on several groups to support my nerdy obsession with genetic genealogy, for example. I’m looking for website equivalents though, and every time I find one, I drop a group. I’m down to my last 3 or 4.


I don’t really read Facebook, but there are a few older family friends who have never figured out email, and send me messages on it. I also have a private group for all my graduated community college students, but there isn’t much activity there.


Here’s a fantastic TEDTalk about exactly what we are discussing, and shows in very good layman’s terms how this works specific to Facebook and how it may play into the election. Jennifer Golbeck is a professor at UMD and was an original leader in “homphily” analytics, so it’s worth a few minutes to watch. Interestingly, this was a couple years ago and I’m sure the techniques have only refined since then.


Facebook is evil.

I don’t like the fake lives that so many people live on it. I know some of the most boring people and they are constantly posting of themselves on some kind of adventure that they are only taking so they can post pictures on Facebook.

The problem is it has become so ingrained in what we do. People often get very judgemental if you say you don’t have a Facebook account. It’s weird.

I keep hoping that one day they will get caught up in a huge scandal that will totally destroy them.


Well … tech giants are communists


I wish Facebook would stop selling advertisements to Russian groups who want to destroy America. As a service, I love Facebook but they need to eliminate all official Russian presence from the site.


I don’t use any social media anymore. I have a Twitter account but that’s only for news and alerts. I don’t actually tweet anything or get involved in all of the nastiness. It’s a really toxic place. Facebook - yeah - not giving Mark Zuckerberg any of my personal information. Once you post a photo or video on Facebook, it’s their property and they can use it any way that they wish. Facebook is cancer. Avoid it if you can.


I haven’t decided if the 24/7 dog leash of the mobile phone is more damaging to modern society or the constant need to show how wonderful your life is to the world on Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook and Twitter are committing suicide they’re shutting everybody down with different ideas than them. Did you guys know Facebook bans 1 million profiles per day? Facebook admitted to it. I’ve been banned on Facebook for a long time now. I literally just read an article that says that our ideas are security risk to Facebook. So ideas that are against immigration, pre-Trump, pro-law enforcement are considered security risks on Facebook.


Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc all exploded when people saw that the MSM media had become nothing more than a propaganda machine. Now they will implode for the same reason. Just wait. It’s only a matter of time. Before Facebook there was MySpace. The bigger and more corporate these social media companies get, the less people will use their services.


I use it for business purposes, which is why I stay on it. I really don’t think it is a very useful platform anymore because it has so many of the types of people on it that I simply would have never had to even know existed before it came along as I would have never crossed into their circles before social media.

As far as I can see it has basically boiled down to it a minority of people who are inconsiderate selfish assholes that have lots of clinical social issues.

Then there are the rest of us who have just grown tired of arguing with them on social media.

It’s always been that way but people like you and I and the rest of the nice people crowd really did not know or interact that much with the asshole crowd, but thanks to the wonderful invention of social media we get to be exposed to their assholery day in and day out.

So you really have to ask whether or not the cons of it outweigh the pros of it to society and I’m really not seeing it when it brings us to where we are today.

I don’t see how FB and Twitter survive in their current form as I cannot see how they can handle the troll issues and the general incivility of a large portion of the user community…


Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook had the opportunity of the century, with a new form of media…and down the tubes they went.


I’ve never had a Facebook account, shrug.


That’s not a bad thing. No point in getting started now. Trying to unlink yourself once you have it is easier said than done.


Oh I know it’s not. No twitter and I’m not linked in either. Never did my space either.


I use it to make money… Not an issue with me.


You mean like they have conservatives? Some people are comfortable in their little bubbles… little padded save spaces… Like I said in another thread, if you were to go to today and read the headlines it would look like a composite of Salon, Huffpo and the Washington Times…


I still use a 2g phone almost always… I have a 4g but only use it for specific purposes… most of the time it is off and the battery is out…