Stopping the Volcano in Hawaii:


Stopping the Volcano in Hawaii:

"The subject of stopping the Hawaiian volcano has also come up.

According to ancient Hawaiian tradition, the quickest way to APPEASE PELE and have the volcanic fires stop is to make a human sacrifice into her fires, and according to tradition, that needs to be a celebrated leader who was born in Hawaii and held a position of power for 8 years.

Obama quickly announced he was actually born in Kenya, and has the Birth Certificate to prove it."


How about throwing Obama’s sorry a$$ in that nasty volcano ? :laughing::laughing:


I suspect that if the left can impeach Trump and re-instated th green economy and Solyndra the volcano will stop immediately.


I’d offer HRC and Nancy Pelosi!!!:imp:


IIRC, virgins are preferred by the fire gods. Obama has never been with a woman.


I am quite sure that Obama and Kerry could arrange a satisfactory negotiated settlement with the volcano based on the Iran model.


I suspect if the dems were to impeach Trump all volcanic activity across the globe would cease.

But then again this could be yet another event caused by climate change or in this case more global warming.


What is Al Gore’s solution for the volcano??? This should be easy for the man that invented the Internet. :clown_face:


Let’s cork that thing with the TIC’s fat ass and kill two birds with one stone. :wink:


Or your’s would serve the same purpose.


But Al didn’t create the internet, shrug.


Correct…but he claimed to have.


Maybe Schmobama, HRC and WJC can give speeches there and BORE the volcano to death!!! :imp:


Do you hold a grudge against obama??


Monte, I don’t have a grudge against
Schmobama. I disagree with a lot of his Socialist Agenda ,especially his American Apology Tour before his hand was off the Bible when sworn in
and his groveling before the ARAB Leaders.
The betrayal in Benghazi and the You can keep your doctor ACA.:sunglasses:


Did Bush’s groveling before the “Arabs” (sic) bother you? It seems that you’re saying that you don’t have a grudge against obama, you’re just exercising your constitutional right to criticize him. Please extend the same acknowledgment to me regarding Trump.


There’s quite a difference between criticizing someone for something done wrong and bashing someone at every opportunity. You practice the latter with enthusiasm.


Obama was wrong on being able to keep your doctor, that’s how he was sold the conservative Heritage Foundations model. But he still owns it. Care to acknowledge any of the bullshit that Trump owns?


Stock market climbing
More jobs than job seekers
Getting tough on tariffs/protectionist policies of our ‘friends’
Quite possibly peace in the Korean peninsula

That’s enough for the first year…
I, and now the majority of the nation, don’t give two shits about Stormy Ballgargle, or even Mueller’s never ending plot to unseat a President.

I’m quite sure that if Trump came out tomorrow and declared-'no more borders! Let reconquista begin in earnest! You’d be calling him the greatest statesman in human history.


Ruining relationships with our aged allies is not an improvement, sorry.