Stopping the Volcano in Hawaii:


True about Stormy Daniels. Melanie is the one most hurt by that.


Even then the good policy would be tainted by his approach, shrug.


President Trump could discover the cure for Leukemia and ALS on the same day and all you OBAMANISTAS will find fault .:smiling_imp:


Yeah, President Trump’s BS is getting tougher on MS-13 Barbaric Criminals. Telling HE SHE Trudeau the tariffs are going on to his face and calling him and the other leaders where to go.Whats wrong with improved relations with Russia???
All your Liberal Pals in the house obstruct any meaningful illegal immigration solution.
No AMERICAN PRESIDENT should grovel and make an apology tour EVER !!!. I wasn’t a big fan of Bush ll,but he was better than AL BORE.:sunglasses:


Oh yes and they were part and parcel of the same anti-American globalist trend… as a matter of fact that trend seems to go back to GHW Bush.


He lacks the intellect, so no concern.


Maga baby. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



Maybe people will think a bit more about the things they buy… its time to stop having storage facilities full of stuff that is never used and generally becomes the burden of the children who inherit it…


Slaughtering the economy, note the Fox News links above that has posters tongue tied.



That Oil articles BS… Opec is doing exactly what they did in the last price spike… they are holding fuel tankers all over the world. This has nothing to do with war fears or anything else but Opec trying in desperation to regain control of the oil export markets since the US surpassed them. The only problem is, the longer they hold oil prices high for sort term gain, the more incentive their is for US drillers and producers to create more output…


What is often forgotten is as the world economy improves demand rises and process increase.

Oil is the perfect example of the principals of supply and demand.